0 thoughts on “Don’t Worry Be Happy

    • cheriewhite says:

      I love the song now. But funny, I didn’t like it when it first came out because I thought it was lame. Of course, I was seventeen years old at the time and into heavy metal. LOLOL Tastes do change as you get older. I still like heavy metal, but I also appreciate other genres of music and types of songs. And I’ve definitely developed a love for this song over the years. 🙂

          • Greg Dennison says:

            True. That happened to me at age 28, when I started to listen to and appreciate country music for the first time in my life.

            My tastes in music these days are all over the board and very difficult to categorize. It’s interesting. I tell people I like a little of everything, except that I’m not a big fan of gangsta rap, although even some of the more well known rap songs of the mid-90s that my brother was listening to all the time back then have grown on me solely for the purpose of nostalgia. And, a few days ago, as I was purchasing and downloading both albums of a band new to my collection, a band that broke up in 2006 and never got any attention in the US, I realized how it’s kind of amazing how one email conversation in 2002 with an Internet friend shaped my music collection so drastically, because of bands that they would go on to tour with and getting to be friends with other fans of this band who had other music to suggest to me.

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