Don’t Be Afraid to Be Alone

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I won’t kid you. Being alone can sometimes make a person vulnerable. However, being surrounded by negative people makes you just as vulnerable if not more so. Therefore, being alone can be much better than keeping company with spiteful people who only bring you down.

As difficult as it may be, sometimes you must weed out all these ungrateful souls who don’t see your worth to make room for more positive, caring, and loving people to come in.

Get rid of anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself and only keep company with those who love and respect you. Keep the people in your life who value your opinions, even when those opinions are strong.

If someone is not treating you like you deserve to be treated, never be afraid to let them go, even if it seems that they’re your only options at the moment.

Remember that we must do things that don’t feel comfortable and that are downright scary for any positive change to happen.

Positive change requires that we take risks!

0 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid to Be Alone

  1. kinge says:

    Well said. Learning to be alone introduces ourselves to our true selves. Allows us to grow and be better.

    I like your conclusion. Opportunities are often disguised as painful ending.

  2. coatofmanycolors22 says:

    It is tough because frankly there are a lot of us who are needy and don’t want to own that. In my case I have been in relationships before where I truly did make the effort and it didn’t work out but I have stayed either for neediness or frankly money which is sorry on my part. I would claim well I don’t make very much etc and in the entire time knowing when my situation got better I was headed out the door. Sometimes we also sleep with someone that we know the feeling is no longer there and we are more worried about a primal need than a show of affection. I ultimately learned if you stick around when you head and heart is elsewhere you are just as guilty as that person.

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