Lowlife Homewreckers

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Breaking up the families

And destroying the lives

Wrecking the happy homes

Along with the hearts of wives

Stealing the children’s fathers

Twerking in the dive bars

No morals and no self-respect

Picked up in different cars

So fast and loose

Thinking you’re all that

Acting silly as a goose

But you’re only an alleycat

While never thinking of the reality

If he cheats with you, he’ll cheat on you

See, I told you so, Runaround Sue!

8 thoughts on “Lowlife Homewreckers

  1. Kindness says:

    Sad 😔 Today’s access is so easy just by computers, yes, that Word. Computers are here to stay. Computers in the hands of uneducated threats increase in seconds. The world is looking for a quick fix. Education starts with parents and, importantly, with School. Dating Sites should be removed. We all understand why. To cut my reflections, I would suggest keeping your knickers on. Work hard for your family 👪

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