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We must never put all our eggs in one basket and many of us end up learning this the hard way. It’s always best to have a plan B in mind.

As most of you know, my follow button doesn’t work anymore and hasn’t for several months now and Word Press will not help me restore it’s function. However, looking on the bright side, I have a plan B and have been implementing it for a long time now.

Plan B is this. Although I’m no longer able to follow new followers and new blogs I come across that I like, I CAN put them in my blog roll, which is the next best thing to following.

Doing this, I can keep up with their posts by going to the blog roll to click on the links to their sites.

How I wish I’d thought of this when I first started having issues. Until I’m able to produce a self-hosted blog, this will be my go-to plan to reciprocate the love of new followers from here on. Therefore, if you have these kinds of issues, if your follow button stops working or WP takes that feature away, remember. You can always add new followers to your blog roll.

I love you all! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

29 thoughts on “Attention New Followers and Blogger Friends

    • Storyteller says:

      Actually annoying is not a strong enough word. Surely there is a subject matter expert there that can problem solve it. Doesn’t look good if WordPress can’t nut it out. Aaargh!

      • cheriewhite says:

        You got that right! And sadly, it’s not that they can’t, it’s that they won’t. They’ve accused me of bot-like behavior, which is a total crock and they let me know in their last email to me that they don’t ever intend to reverse the problem. But I’m not stressing. I’m thinking about solutions and the blog roll is a solution. Thank you so much! You don’t know how much I appreciate you!

    • cheriewhite says:

      It sure is. But I’m sticking it out until my brother and I get together and transfer this blog into a self-hosted blog. I’ve tried doing it myself several times this past six months and it’s a struggle. Thank you so much for your love and friendship!

  1. Kathleen Black says:

    Wise words! I am fortunate to have (for many decades) been kinda hardwired to create plans: a, b, c, d
    I learned to lovingly appreciate this practice…when interacting with other humans, I realized how messy it can be if one (me) doesn’t come communicate clearly whenever possible.

    ~it is impossible to rely on other people’s behavior
    Thank you Cherie!

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re most welcome, Kathleen! 💖🌺 And you’re so right! 💯Because there’s no way possible to control the behavior of others. We can only control how we react to it and to come up with solutions.

  2. Cindy Georgakas says:

    glad you got this figured out.. “Doing this, I can keep up with their posts by going to the blog roll to click on the links to their sites.

    Maybe this is why you aren’t getting my responses and I never see you on my blog? I’ve been wondering because you used to be there a lot.. so sorry! 💞

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you, Cindy. And I apologize for not interacting as much as I used to. I guess this really knocked the wind out of me and to such a degree that it was all I could do just to write. For a while, I considered deleting this blog altogether, but I’m still here. I realize now that I need to begin interacting more and stop letting this stop me. I do apologize and I will start interacting even if it’s only a few times per week. Please don’t take my absence personally. Getting flagged really killed my motivation for a while. I’m working to get it back. Sending you lots of love and hugs! 💖🌺🤗

  3. notestowomen says:

    I’m happy you were able to find a solution, Cherie. I used to have the Word Count feature but that has mysteriously disappeared so now, I have to use Google Docs to figure out how many words I have for any word prompt challenges. Very inconvenient, if you ask me. I’m happy you didn’t delete your blog. Keep on keeping on.

  4. Kathleen Black says:

    Imho, I think you just hit the nail on the head…

    It’s a piece of a Much larger pie! A conversation about corporate power and how the machine of Our political system works (or doesn’t)

    Cherie, my dear, y’all are just too darn good! That’s dangerous. Don’t stop! You are awesome and your message is Helping So many!!!
    Keep writing and shining

    🙏🏽Ok, getting off my soapbox, now!

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much, Kathleen! And I’ll never stop, sweetie! It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than these childless, wussy plays to stop me. They just don’t know who they’re dealing with. Even if they delete this blog, it won’t stop me. Thank you so much for your support! You don’t know how much I appreciate you for it! And you’re right, it’s that type of conversation and they don’t want people like you and me letting “the inferior” know that they have more power than they realize.

      Sending you lots of love and light! ❤️❤️❤️

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