The Universe Taps Out

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The universe fights you
It wants to smite you
The harder you try
The more things go awry
But you’re stubborn
You won’t stop sudden
You refuse to give up
Determined to fill your cup
No matter what Uni throws
Your determination only grows
You keep working, working
While Uni keeps hurting hurting
Until you wear Uni out
One, two, three, Uni finally taps out
Then your success comes about

0 thoughts on “The Universe Taps Out

  1. Tamara Kulish from says:

    I love your poem, but I need to say I disagree with the viewpoint.

    I worked hard on shifting my perception of the universe. Most of the terrible things that happened to me were because of the people in my life and the choices they made. Some were because I self-sabotaged. All were pretty much NOT because of God or the universe, but the actions of people, and God or the universe don’t interfere but allow each of us to make our mistakes and to learn from them.

    I learned that God and the universe operate from Love and conspire to work things out on our behalf. I discovered that all my feelings of being punished by the universe stemmed from the negative messaging I had internalized from my past. It was such a huge mental shift for me to make and helped me make such a switch in my thinking about life.

    I hope this for you too.

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