Hold On. The Best is Yet to Come!

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Your situation may seem hopeless now.

If you are a target of bullying, you must hold on.  Although intense- even unbearable, your pain will only be temporary. I don’t say this lightly because know what you must be thinking.

“But she doesn’t understand! Nobody understands! Nobody else is going through it! How can she possibly understand the daily hell I endure at work (or at school)?”

I do understand. Once upon a time, I was stuck in the same spot that you are in today. You want to smile, laugh, sing, and dance; only for others to beat it out of you! So strong is the desire to believe in yourself and see your own value. Yet others repeatedly and deliberately tear you down!

The night always turns darkest before the dawn.

All you want is to speak and have your voice heard!  But others only silence you with threats of physical harm and further degradation. The threat of suspension or the loss of your job and livelihood hangs over your head. Also, the danger of having opportunities for future employment ruined looms over you. Or you face the possibility of a school suspension or expulsion. Survivors know firsthand what it feels like. It’s the feeling of wanting to move forward, only to have bullies hold you back.

You want to escape the torment. But you’re stuck in a toxic environment with toxic people, against your will! We know the bewilderment when people curse your very existence. It’s terrifying when bullies bombard you with death threats.

They force you to sacrifice your needs and wants for theirs. It sucks to see others getting gratification and entertainment at your expense. Being dehumanized can be life-altering. Many others, just like you, have also felt the pain of being slapped, kicked, and beaten. It’s no fun when people scorn, disregard, and trample you underfoot. You don’t know how much we hurt for you.

There are people who understand and who care.

We know what it feels like. It’s like being run over by a truck, whose driver then stops, shifts into reverse, and backs over you. For a second time, he shifts back into drive and mows over you. He then stops the truck, opens the door, sticks his head out, and asks, “Are you dead yet?”

And any signs of life- any whimper or movement only encourages the driver to close the door, shift into reverse again, and repeat. Therefore, he continues doing so until you finally succumb to the trauma and die.

Yes. This is how bullying feels. Bullies want to destroy you, and it seems that they won’t relent until they succeed at it.

But know this!

You will not have to deal with these people forever, and Karma does repay- in spades! If you keep believing in yourself, you will become successful and happy.  Your bullies won’t even matter to you when you reach success.

You are beautiful, smart, and awesome! And one day, you will cross paths with people who will see your worth and love you- unconditionally- just for being YOU! You will find a teacher, school, supervisor, or employer who will see the good you bring to the table. And they will see you as the asset you truly are!

Don’t give up. You are worth fighting for!

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  1. Ace Worldwide News Group says:

    It is sometimes so difficult to see that light that can seem like a small flame in our life and so many things conspire to makes us feel so much is against us and very little is for us. As a fellow blogger l believe as a group in so many ways find peace in blogging, how we and others feel and by being able to express these things gives strength to others who read these words you have written and will help that light to grow until it is much brighter. Thank you

    • cheriewhite says:

      I haven’t as of yet, honey. I’m having MAJOR issues with my site and I’m trying to come up with solutions so that it doesn’t get any worse than it already is. I think a malicious attacker make have gotten a hold of me because I have been unable to like any posts or follow any new bloggers. I’ve never had this problem before in all my six years of blogging and just found that another blogger is having the same issues. Know that I will get to your post and I will read it. I might not be able to “like” it, but I can still comment on it. Thank you so much for your patience. I’ll be there shortly.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much, Flaca. I can’t like but I can comment on your pages. The like button won’t work for me right now. I’ll talking to tech support so hopefully they’ll talk care of it. I don’t know if my comments are getting through. Just let me know. Sending lots of love, sweetie! 💖💖💖

  2. Simone E says:

    Cherie, this one is an enlightening, positive and uplifting read. It inspired me, and I’m sure that it touched a place in everyone’s heart.
    Keep spreading your wonderful message! The world needs you 😍

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