Rise Above

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Rise Above their hate for their hate only burns them up. 

Rise Above their poisonous words for they will eventually eat them, then choke on them

Rise Above their back-stabbing because they are exactly where they belong- behind your back.

Rise Above them when they try to bring you down, for they’re already beneath you.

Rise above them when they try to hold you down, for they themselves cannot move if they don’t let you up.

Rise Above those who physically attack you, for they cannot expend the energy without tiring themselves out.

Rise Above those who exclude you, for it is they who lose out on a potential friend.

Rise Above those who launch personal attacks against you, for they only expose their own lack of character. 

Rise Above their yelling, cursing, and name-calling, for they’re only projecting their own feelings of self-loathing.

Rise Above those who act superior to you, for they’re only compensating for their own feelings of inferiority.

Rise Above those who act morally superior to you, for they only hide their own immorality. 

Rise Above their jealousy and envy, for they only want what you already have.

Rise Above their rage, for only someone with great power can induce those feelings in them.

Rise Above their spying and stalking, for your life must be more interesting than theirs.

Rise Above their gossip, for you must be an interesting topic, so their obsessive prattle only makes you relevant. 

blame accuse pointing finger

Rise Above their finger pointing because, for every finger they point, there are always three pointed back at them.

Rise Above their dirty looks, for their looks only make them ugly and you look good.

Rise Above their death threats, for your very existence threatens them.

For every incidence of bullying, there’s always an invisible boomerang effect. It’s there even if you don’t see it and catch it.

Sadly, most people are blind to it.

Know that with the right outlook, you can rise above bullies and bullying!

With knowledge comes power!

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