Bullying and Mobbing Can Never Happen if People Don’t Participate

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That includes teachers, school staff, and parents. And yes, there are a few teachers who do participate in the bullying and mobbing of targeted students. Setting examples is the most powerful way to educate others and when a teacher participates in bullying a targeted child or teen, they set a terrible example for the rest of the class and entire student body.

They send a very clear message that it’s okay to abuse and brutalize this particular student- that it’s okay to demonize and dehumanize them, that it’s okay to strip them of their dignity, that it’s okay to destroy them because he or she “deserves it.”

And many of the teachers who do these damaging things to targeted kids either don’t know what they’re doing or working with kids isn’t their forte.

Abuse is abuse and some teachers are willingly abusing these targets in the name of “discipline.”

Bully teachers are notorious for gossiping about targeted kids. They share and swap rumors and horror stories about these children and warn other educators about them, setting these poor targets up to be bullied before some of them even have the chance to get to know the kid.

Many times, they do these things right in front of the poor child and end up crushing his/her spirit.

Sometimes, teachers will circulate the vicious rumors, defamation, and opinions throughout the entire community, and they even share confidential information about the child- information that is considered private. They will also spread speculation about the child’s parents and attack their parenting skills.

Is it any wonder that may people view the public school system so negatively?

There’s no way to stop the soul-crushing, mob-style bullying of a child when the adults, who should know better and be there to protect the young target, are committing the same abuse as the kid’s peers.

Child abuse with the eye of a young boy or girl with a single tear crying due to the fear of violence or depression caused by hunger and poverty and being afraid of bullying at school.

There have been countless occurrences and testimonies of bully parents mobbing and bullying other parents, teachers, and yes- children and teens too.

Teachers are often overheard maliciously and viciously gossiping about targeted kids in the hallway between classes. And the other kids, who overhear these adults use it to escalate their bullying because they take the teacher’s gossip to mean that it’s acceptable to mistreat this target.

The best we can do is to educate the teachers and school staff who do not realize the damage they do to these children. As for the handful of teachers who don’t care and continue their bullying, they cannot be helped. It’s best just to get them out of the school system and away from our young altogether and the sooner we do, the safer these targets will be.

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    • fgsjr2015 says:

      As a non-diagnosed ‘neuro-divergent’ and highly sensitive boy (thus not always easy to deal with), the first and most formidable authority-figure abuser with whom I was terrifyingly trapped was my Grade 2 teacher, Mrs. Carol, in the early 1970s. Although I can’t recall her abuse against me in its entirety, I’ll nevertheless always remember how she had the immoral audacity — and especially the unethical confidence in avoiding any professional repercussions — to blatantly readily aim and fire her knee towards my groin, as I was backed up against the school hall wall. Fortunately, though, she missed her mark, instead hitting the top of my left leg. Though there were other terrible teachers, for me she was uniquely traumatizing, especially when she wore her dark sunglasses when dealing with me.

      For other students, however, there was her sole Grade 2 counterpart — similarly abusive but with the additional bizarre, scary attribute of her eyes abruptly shifting side to side. Not surprising, the pair were quite friendly with each other. It was rumored the latter teacher had a heroin addiction, though I don’t recall hearing of any solid proof of that. I remember one fellow second-grader’s mother going door to door in my part of town seeking out any other case of a student who, like her son, had been assaulted by that teacher. I had not told anyone about my own ordeal with my (the other) Grade 2 teacher, and I just stood there silently as my astonished mother conversed with the woman.

  1. hcmorris77 says:

    It happens in private/Christian schools too. Usually, the classes are so small that the bullying can turn the whole class/grade against the child. Possibly even the grade lower or higher than the one the child is in.

    I was really good friends with this girl in elementary school…one year my sister was invited to her birthday party, but I wasn’t. When my mom asked her mother, whom she was friends with, my mom was told “no one likes Holly”. So, we didn’t go to the birthday party…and our friendship died off. The last two or three years I went to that school, I didn’t really have any friends – at that school. I hung out with the pastors two daughters, who lived down the street, but that was pretty much it.

    Things did change when I started public school in 9th grade, but I still didn’t do any sleepovers.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I’m so sorry they treated you so terribly! 💔😢 Small schools are the worse because it’s harder to blend in with the crowd. In bigger schools, it’s easier to hide in plain sight. I’m glad public school was better for you but I understand how it left a bad taste in your mouth when it came to sleepovers. Sending you lotsbof love and hugs! 💖💐🤗

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