0 thoughts on ““I’m Being Bullied”

  1. hcmorris77 says:

    I could always tell when my son was being bullied, or something was bothering him at school.
    At one point, he was coming home from school hungry, so I asked him “Don’t you eat your lunch?” At first, he avoided the question, but I eventually got him to talk to me. He said that a boy he had befriended was demanding my son give him his lunch, that his mom gave him money, but was spending it on junk. He also told me not to tell his teacher(s) bc the boy had threatened him, telling my son he knew where he lived. So…I got the boy’s name and called the school, telling my son that what the boy was doing was wrong and that he didn’t tell. I did! The situation eventually was corrected, but of course the boy said he was joking. (They had to watch him at lunch time, catching him in the act.)

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