The WhatsApp Sign Up Nightmare

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Hello, fellow bloggers! I’ve been invited by another fellow blogger to sign up for WhatsApp and join a group there. Problem is I don’t know anything about it but only heard about it from time to time. I admit it- I’m a WhatsApp dummy. 😁

Although I’m reluctant to sign up for a slew of SM sites as I rarely get on SM anymore because it’s time consuming and I spend a lot of time reading others blogs and writing my own blog posts in advance, I did try to start a WhatsApp account.

In trying to sign up for it the other day, I think I screwed something up.

I plan to try again on Monday. In the meantime, please feel free to tell me about your experiences on WhatsApp if you’re on it. And pray that on Monday, I can get the problem (whatever it may be) sorted out.

0 thoughts on “The WhatsApp Sign Up Nightmare

  1. writerravenclaw says:

    I’m new to blogging too, but I would be wary of setting up an account with other people. What’s app is easy enough to set up, but I wouldn’t do it myself. My accounts are with family and people I trust.

  2. foguth says:

    Good luck, Cherie! I’ve sort of been on telegram for a few months and know how to save posts and even post a few, but IF I spend more than an average of 15 minutes per day, it is unusual… Have very little time for SM, so most of it is spent on the 2 blogs and reading blogs of others.
    Life is way too short to spend the majority of it online.

  3. Tonya LaLonde says:

    No idea. I detest all socialist/anti-social media. It is the opposite of good communication and kills time. But that is just my view. Maybe other people have a better experience. God bless.πŸ˜ƒβ€

  4. KT Workman says:

    I’ve done Instagram, had a Facebook page, and a Twitter account, but it was too much to keep up with, so I gave them up and just do WordPress. As it is, I find it hard to carve out the time to read all the blogs I would like to and still have time to write and paint. Just so many hours in a day.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I completely understand, Kathy! I have the same problem so I just concentrate on WordPress. Blogging takes priority over SM. The only time I check Facebook is to keep up with family and closest friends.

  5. Arun Singha says:

    Hello Cherie!
    I got invitation and joined there. As you said, there is time constraints, so i can not read other’s posts. So many bloggers have so many aspects on spirituality. My aspect is focused and pinpointed which is NoN-Dualism. Therefore, I can say that, though I am in the group but I can not give much time there. I have to devote my time in studying Scriptures and writing notes over to my personal day to day works. Thats all from my experience. Thanks. Have a nice time. Regards.πŸ™

    • cheriewhite says:

      I’m definitely going to. Something about WhatsApp just doesn’t sit well. The blogger who suggested it didn’t mean any harm. And I appreciate his invitation, but the app itself just doesn’t sit well. Now that I’ve been thinking about it for the last few days, I wonder if the app isn’t a vehicle for certain agencies to eavesdrop. Call me paranoid but in this day and time, it’s a legitimate concern. Yes, the NSA and government does this anyway, but…

  6. jeffw5382 says:

    From my experience, it’s basically a messaging app, using your phone #, supposedly secure-I have received plenty of spam from all over the world and don’t use it much. stick to well trusted and reliable ways to stay connected, no need to put another profile “out there”

  7. Anonymous says:

    From a geezer’s point of view, 99 percent of this stuff is a waste of time and generally just another data mining operation. I’ve been on the Internet and before that the World Wide Web since 1991 and frankly, if there is not a actual physical paycheck attached everyone should avoid these things as much as possible. Annnnd, the first red flag is a non intuitive sign up page. If they have not figured out how to attract new users with a painless protocol the rest of their stuff is unlikely to be any better. Good luck. Merry Christmas!

  8. Dawn Pisturino says:

    What people have told me about WhatsApp is that it is a hook-up site where people can use fake identities, phone numbers, etc. A lot of romance scammers use it to have private conversations with their victims. In fact, every guy who has tried to “hook up” with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram has tried to steer me to WhatsApp, so I have avoided it. That doesn’t mean every person or group on WhatsApp is a scammer, but just be aware.

  9. Infinite Living says:

    Whatsapp is a primary messaging app used in India, and because I have all of my family and old friends in India, it is one app I use as second nature to me. I do not accept any invitations there from anyone who is not my family or friend. It is very functional and simple to use, very rarely I have received spam messages, I blocked them immediately. It has been a very clean experience for me. It is also a common medium for groups related to schools and colleges that our kids go to, in our community. So my presence there is very functional. I do not join groups because it is very time consuming. I stick to one on one connections on Whatsapp.

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