Strange but Funny Bullying Story

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I was bullied by everyone for everything. It seemed they were all just dying to get a pound of flesh.

I’ll never forget one occasion during the seventh grade when it got so ridiculous that I had two people, who weren’t very bright to begin with, fight among themselves over who was going to get first dibs at jumping me.  I’ll always remember one bully screaming to the other,

“I want my turn first!”
“No! I’m first!”
“She’s MINE to whoop, NOT yours!”

This was the strangest thing I’d ever seen. Shocked, I remember thinking, “Wow! Is this really happening? It couldn’t be this easy!”

And back and forth it went until they came to blows and forgot all about me! I only took this as my cue to get lost! It’s hilarious when I think about it now.

0 thoughts on “Strange but Funny Bullying Story

  1. Time Traveler of Life says:

    It always amazes me to hear people talk about how natural it is for kids to fight and we should remember the Sticks and Stones axiom. That is only natural to the one verbally abusing someone and should not be ignored any more than the physical abusing. It is amazing what lengths one will go to supposedly stop people from “Making fun” of them. I am referring to the Plastic surgery business!

    • cheriewhite says:

      Many people do have plastic surgery for those reasons. I say, if they can pay for it, then more power to them. However, I wouldn’t be willing to go under the knife to please anyone, it wouldn’t matter if I was rich or not. But that’s just me. 🙂

      • Time Traveler of Life says:

        Same here! I did have bone surgery done on my mouth to correct protruding teeth. If we had been wealthy, it might not have been necessary. I hope it wasn’t because I was teased forever about my Buck Teeth. Looking back would always be revisionist history.

        • cheriewhite says:

          True. However, I don’t think it was for them, sweetie. Some things we do for ourselves because it is WE who don’t like something about our physical appearance and that’s different. If I go under the knife, it will be because Me, Myself, and I don’t like the way something looks, not because other people don’t like it. 🙂

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