Weakening of a Society

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Changing words and definitions is the thing today

Mass mental illness and insanity on full display

The dumbing down of our society took a slow creep

Turning too many people into a docile herd of sheep

The wussification of America didn’t happen overnight

Immorality, hate, and treason slowly normalized and made “right”

Young brunette woman wearing white sweater gagged and tied with duct tape around wrists, facing camera, hostage concept.

Now, they’re trying to normalize pedophilia and pedophiles

I’ll bury them where they fall if they ever touch my child

They promote child porn and sex trafficking

They’re way past due for their day of reckoning

Soon we’re gonna light up the sky

When we make the pedophiles fry

The family unit being attacked and destroyed

It’s where they start to have a nation torn

Schools, colleges, and universities preaching hate and division

All to satisfy the CCP in the name of Communism

Through distraction, destruction, and projection

The Cloward-Piven Plan executed to perfection

Slowly, surely, incrementally, and barely noticeable over time

Was the evil and glee of the haters who aren’t worth a dime

Criminals, crazies, robbers, thieves, and murderers hailed as heroes

Servicepeople, veterans, Christians, and Patriots deemed as zeroes

But there are more of us than there will ever be of them

And we’ll work quietly behind the scenes to be free again

0 thoughts on “Weakening of a Society

      • Displaced and Dispossessed says:

        Thank you for accepting my comment. Schools and universities, while not the places I attended because of their increasing corporatization, are not teaching division and hate. In some cases, they are not teaching much of anything. This disturbs me greatly because school, university, and libraries have always been havens for one starved of intellectual companionship. I did education real hard because I was good at it. I love learning and yearned for retirement to have more time to read!

        It is true that I would not recommend higher ed to anyone just now because of the corporatization and the excessive cost, but I would always encourage reading, broadly. Now that travel is dicey for numerous reasons, reading is the one readily accessible way to learn about myriad things, YouTube notwithstanding.

        The current state of some schools in America is deplorable. The dumbing down, the lessons in conformity, the teaching to a stupid test which amounts to not teaching anything at all, sicken me. My son detested what school has become and I wound up homeschooling him. Today’s schools are not for intelligent children. Schools today are in the business of creating docile follow-fashion-fellows and they seem to be successful. Drop social media influence into the mix and we are sunk.

        People need to look to themselves when it comes to locating the teachers of division and hate. It used to start at home. Likely still does. Social media has taken the place of parenting, mentoring, providing guidance, and it is doing a great job of demoralizing many people, not just the youth.

        Pardon the rant, but school was such a wonderful experience for me and I hate to see our institutions of learning blanketly labeled as sources of degradation. I know the experience is no longer great for large numbers of students, even among the affluent. Too much focus on money.

        We all have to WAKE UP and TAKE ACTION to BETTER EVERYTHING!

        • cheriewhite says:

          “The current state of some schools in America is deplorable. The dumbing down, the lessons in conformity, the teaching to a stupid test which amounts to not teaching anything at all, sicken me…” You nailed it right there! 💯🎯 Schools have become indoctrination businesses rather than educational institutions.

          I don’t blame you one bit for homeschooling your child! You did the best thing and I commend you for it. I wanted to go back to school to get my Masters in Psychology and Human Behavior, and then go on to receive my Doctorates. However, I won’t at this juncture.

          Thank you so much for your thoughts. You don’t know how much I appreciate them. 🙏 💖

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