0 thoughts on “Making Babies Out of Bullies

  1. LAMarcom says:

    A. I fricken love Love LOVE! The Video (Never seen it before)
    B. I freakin’ Love YOU! My Great Cherie-Amour.
    C. I am ‘honou’ed’ to call you ‘Friend’
    D. You enrich my life
    E. You Bring to me more awareness of things I need to be made more aware of.
    F. You make me so proud (arrogance on my part–not about ‘me’)
    G. I love you
    H. I love you!
    I. You are doing Great Work
    J. This asshole (former bully) appreciates what you do
    K. I just J’espère others do


  2. 80smetalman says:

    I wish I had someone like that. If I was the big brother, I might have just called the cops and told them that bar was serving minors and if the cops didn’t do anything because even they can turn a blind eye to football players, I would have contacted the local paper.

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