Bullies Always…ALWAYS, Get Their Power from an Entourage.

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A crowd of people surrounded the red man. Accusation of crime, mob law over a person, lynch court. The leader in the center of the crowd, the leader, an example for diving. Angry crowd

You will never see a bully alone. Why? Because they could never handle being by themselves. Peer-abusers are cowards! Wimps! Wusses! They always attack in groups because they need their wingmen as a source from which to draw and re-enforce power.

Without their backup, bullies are just as powerless as you are. A bully is too afraid to attack you one on one because they fear that you would bury them where they fall.

Yet, victims are (mistakenly) branded as cowards, although they are the ones who come to school or work and face bullies…alone, no matter how viciously they get brutalized. Through all the name-calling, the taunts, the brutal beatings, the threats to their lives, targets manage to reach within themselves and push through another day.

To endure that every single day for several years and still find the resolve to soldier on? Now that takes courage! These people are the real warriors!

It takes bravery to be a target of relentless bullying and remain standing tall. To be a victim of daily and constant abuse and make it to the finish line of high school graduation or the end-of-week paycheck?

To stay in the race, while most bullies drop out of school or quit their jobs when the going gets tough? That’s not only brave, but it’s also heroic! To be your own hero? That takes bravery bullies will never have!

Now, will the real wimps in the workplace or classroom please stand?
I rest my case.

If you are a target, know that your bullies could never be half the man/woman you are! You have more heart, more soul, and more strength than they ever will!

0 thoughts on “Bullies Always…ALWAYS, Get Their Power from an Entourage.

  1. goodvibes40 says:

    Absolutely and it is further proof of their cowardice. Bullies like to be around followers. If they really “believed” what they say or do, they would have the guts to do it alone but they don’t. They have back up so many times. Take a physical fight. When do they have get physical with someone they are bullying alone with no one else around? They don’t!

  2. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Oh yeah, they gotta have an audience because without them how would bullies perform effectively? They get their strength in numbers because they are empowered by complicity among their followers. SMH 🤬 😤 😠

  3. 80smetalman says:

    This is true in 90% of bullies. The other 10% are the ones who don’t need an entourage because they are handy with their fists and learned very early that they can go along way with that ‘skill.’

  4. KT Workman says:

    Yes, Cherie, it takes a brave child to go to school day after day, knowing what lies in wait for them. And you know what—it’s the so-called wimps that usually end up successful later in life, not their tormentors.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much, Angela. ❤🤗 I’m so happy this blog is helping you. 🙂🙃🙂 You deserve to have your confidence and dignity back and you can bet I’ll keep this up. I truly believe this is what I was called to do and it’s my passion. I consider this to be my life’s work. 😃💖

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