0 thoughts on “How to Select the Company You Keep

  1. Pajama Party 39 says:

    I think we all need to do an inventory of our friend list. All of us need an inner circle which is a small group of true friends and then strong acquaintances, and just people we know. True friends are there for you. We also need to be careful when significant others are jealous of our friends.

  2. goodvibes40 says:

    To me, a friend is someone who doesn’t rush me. I can call them at 2 in the morning and they will listen and help me anyway they can. They are someone that I can have a great laugh with or cry to or even occasionally a knock down, drag out against and the next day I know they are still going to be there for me. And I truly value real friendships. I will give up a romantic relationship in a heartbeat if they ever act jealous toward someone of the opposite sex I am friends with because I value it more.

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