The Reality of Self-Fulfilling Prophesies

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Like always attracts like. Everything begins with a thought.

Positive expectations produce positive results

What’s in your head can become your reality.

To get what you desire, you must first think of it.

Thoughts can become things.

A negative mind produces a negative life.

If you predict defeat, you will see it.

A spirit of lack can only bring more lack.

A spirit of abundance will bring abundance.


Replace negative thinking with positive and watch great and marvelous things flow your way.

Know that a positive and fulfilling life comes from a positive mindset.

When you predict success, you’ll eventually achieve it.

Know that self-fulfilling prophecies are real!

If you think of something, you get more of the same.

When you change your thoughts, you change your LIFE!

0 thoughts on “The Reality of Self-Fulfilling Prophesies

  1. Greg Dennison says:

    Fortune cookie, last time I had Chinese food: “You become what you are constantly thinking about.”

    Me: “That can’t be true; otherwise, in high school I would have become boobs.”

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