Schools Who Retaliate Against Parents for Speaking Out and Protecting Their Children Against Bullying

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I’ve read and heard many stories of schools retaliating against parents for speaking out about the bullying their child suffers while attending class, and for their (the parents’) refusal to keep silent. These stories are heartbreaking.

Understand that school officials are elected officials- politicians. And schools will protect their reputations by any means.

Here are ways schools try to hide bullying:

1. They vehemently deny bullying in their facilities.
2. They protect bullies.

bullying physical
3. They don’t report bullying incidents to the child’s parents and refuse to show any videos of bullying or fights to the bullied child’s parents.
4. They answer any questions with blanket statements or refuse to comment altogether.
5. They threaten to call Children’s Services and have the target removed from their home.
6. They have the parents banned from the school.
7. They have the parent arrested.
8. They threaten to have the child reported to the juvenile authorities.
9. They have the child arrested and sent to juvie.

Schools have more power than we realize, and if their reputation is at risk, some will do anything to silence the bullied child and their parents and shut down any awareness of any bullying that goes on.

Also, understand that schools have Sovereign Immunity and will hide behind it. Sovereign Immunity is the stipulation that protects a federal or state government entity from litigation. Therefore, it’s difficult to file a lawsuit against a school or school district. Lawsuits against schools have been filed and, yes, even won. But the statistics of such are low.

Here are things you can do as a parent:

1. Keep speaking out- through social media, word of mouth, and even the news media if you have to.
2. If you live in a one-party consent area, plant a recording device somewhere on your child to record any bullying.

3. Save any emails to and from the school. You’ll want to leave a trail.
4. Document everything in detail and have your child do their own documenting. Include date, time, what happened, and the names of bullies, bystanders, and school staff. Be sure and write down where it happened and if possible, why it happened. Also, jot down any events that led up to the bullying. Include as many details as possible!!!!!

It’s always best to keep good records and keep them in a safe and undisclosed place!!!

0 thoughts on “Schools Who Retaliate Against Parents for Speaking Out and Protecting Their Children Against Bullying

  1. rebecca s revels says:

    When I got a doctor’s written permission to take my son off medications that were doing him harm and gave a copy of that letter to the school, the principle at the time actually followed me to my car wanting to know when I was going to resume the medication. When I told him I wasn’t, though I can’t prove it, he set a chain of events in motion to get my son out of his school. This set my son’s course to better. What was intended for harm did the opposite. Because I dared stand up for him then and would do it today even though he’s an adult.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I’m so glad you stood up for him, Rebecca! That principal had no business sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. YOU were the parent and YOU knew more of what was and what was not good for your son. Schools have way too much power these days and their power over children should NEVER supercede that of their parents!

      • rebecca s revels says:

        That is so true, unfortunately schools don’t seem to see it that way. All I know is I’m very glad he has turned out to be a decent person, an annoying one at times, but one that knows I’ll fight for him still.

  2. 80smetalman says:

    This is awful! It makes me glad I don’t teach in American schools. I don’t want to get into a US vs UK debate but from my experience, British schools do take bullying more seriously and will act quicker to deal with it.

      • 80smetalman says:

        Thank you Cherie. I had too many experiences where anytime anyone says anything good about another country, an American would respond “Go f*cking live there then!” At times, this has made me reluctant to comment. I know this is off topic but that’s how my strange mind works.

        • cheriewhite says:

          I’m live my country. But I won’t tear down anyone else who don’t. I think the reason why some people respond in such a harsh manner because they’re just tired of people trying to divide and destroy us and they lash out. It doesn’t make it right ,but the elites are trying to take our freedoms away and people are pissed. I’m sorry you got such a brutal response.

          • cheriewhite says:

            That’s pretty much what they act like! It’s sad that some people can’t handle having a healthy debate and want to strike with ad hominem attacks. It just goes to show that they cannot handle themselves in a good debate of ideas.

          • 80smetalman says:

            Saying that, some British people can be just as bad. According to some, America scrambled a squadron of B2 bombers and flew them to London threatening to nuke the city if Britain didn’t start celebrating Halloween and the prom.
            Having lived in the US and UK, I can see the good and bad in both countries. Also, there are Americans I would like to take to a pub full of English soccer fans. Likewise, there are Brits I would like to take to a redneck bar in America.

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