When Bullies Ask You Why-Questions

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“Why are you so stupid?”

“Why are you such a smartass?”

“Why do you ignore us when what we’re telling you is for your own good?”

“Why are you so ignorant?”

“Why are you so retarded?”

“Why are you so arrogant?”

“Why are you so stubborn?”

“Why are you such a loser?”

“Why are you such a jackass?”

Understand that these questions aren’t really questions. They’re only accusations made in the form of questions. Bullies are notorious for asking their targets rhetorical questions, which are questions designed to illicit a dramatic effect and to make a point, not necessarily to get an answer. These questions are only insinuations and innuendo.

They insinuate the target’s perceived lack of intelligence, sarcastic attitude, indifference, refusal to listen to reason, obnoxiousness, uselessness, and worthlessness.

The best way to counter these questions is to come back with something sarcastic. Here are some snappy answers to the above questions:

“Maybe it’s because I lose a few million brain cells every time I hear you speak.”

“Gee! Maybe it’s because morons like you bring it out in me.”

“Because you never know what you’re talking about.”

“Because people like you would make anyone who has to listen to your mouth ignorant.”

“Because listening to the trash that comes out of your mouth would make anyone retarded.”

“Because you talk a lot of nonsense.”

“Maybe because I’ve been around you too long and it’s rubbing off on me.” (answer to last two questions)

Always counter with sarcasm! Bullies’ hate being made a fool of and I guarantee that answers with some burn will take the wind out of their sails.

And the best part is that they just might leave you alone.

0 thoughts on “When Bullies Ask You Why-Questions

  1. SLM1975 says:

    If I told bullies it was none of their business, they would keep asking until I finally told ’em. Then they would gossip and destroy my reputation. Nothing dissuaded any bullies.

  2. Greg Dennison says:

    One time, many years ago, some kid kept asking me where I bought my clothes… then that turned into asking whether or not I bought my clothes at the Salvation Army… after about the third time, I finally told him, “You sure seem to know a lot about what kind of clothes they have at the Salvation Army.” That shut him up.

    • cheriewhite says:

      True. As would be with some females. This is just me, but I’d probably take the risk and fight. 😆 I’m one of those that has to comeback with sarcasm or else, I’d feel terrible for not saying anything.

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