Why Bullies Need Targets

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They want you to think that you need them! You don’t. In fact, it’s just the opposite. They need you! Let me explain further:

Bullies need targets as guinea pigs on which, to demonstrate their perceived power and might.

They need victims to feel better about themselves.

Bullies need targets to blame their stupidity and bad behavior on.

Bullies need victims to scapegoat and to be a dumping ground for all their problems and shortcomings.

If you’re a target, Your bullies need you as a shield to cover their own cowardice.

They need you to entertain and get laughs from their audiences.

And they need you to look cool and in control in front of everyone else.

Understand that bullies need you more than you will ever need them!

0 thoughts on “Why Bullies Need Targets

  1. Michael Lapointe says:

    I had one employer that stayed away from the office as much as possible because he was at least aware of his personality that caused a lot of turmoil in the office. This behaviour, however, did not change when he actually came to the office. He did his usual making people dance for useless goals and sometimes, if you were lucky, get some scolding bullying session with him. Seemed to happen every time when he came into the office.

  2. alisendopf says:

    Yup, bullies need an audience to bolster their own diminished self-worth. They are sad and pathetic. Next time you see a bully picking on someone, ask them, “why do you hate yourself so much that being mean to others is the only way to make you feel good about yourself?”

  3. alisendopf says:

    Absolutely. It’s a book from the 1990s that’s still relevant. The wisdom comes in the form of an adventure to Peru. I love Peru, so I think that’s why this book has resonated with me so much over the years.

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