I Need Help With Something

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I believe that when there’s a problem that’s overwhelming, it’s perfectly okay to ask for help and that no one should be afraid to do so.

I’m having trouble knowing where to place the  code for Google Ads and need a step by step guide to know exactly where to go to place the code. The directions that Google gives are way too vague. Could you help me?

Thank you so much in advance. Love you all.

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  1. Ritish Sharma says:

    Ok! If you are new to adsense, I suggest you to use their plugin ‘Site kit’. It will automatically place your adsense code all over your site.
    After getting their approval, if you are confused where to place ads, then go for their auto ad feature which will display ads all over your site in the best places through their AI function.

    Later if auto ads doesn’t suits your site, then you can turn off auto ads and place ads manually by creating ad units. You can also use plugin like ‘Wp Quads’ for manually placing ads.

  2. Texans Jack & Dodie says:

    I used them in a blog I had (2 generations before CleverJourneys) but it didn’t seem to be as difficult as what is being described here. I do recall not making much off of them, but any amount is positive. Sorry I can’t help.

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