Narcissists, Bullies, and Jealousy

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Bullies see any recognition the target gets for a good deed, high marks, an accomplishment, or success as the target’s having diminished them somehow. If you’re a target, these types of bullies will only see any success you enjoy as a reflection on them.

You force them to think about and take stock of their own successes and failures. Understand that it’s the bullies’ self-focus that sets the stage for their anger and hostility toward you. They will personalize your success as if you’re an opponent who’s competing with them for the same prize.

The bullies are forced to compare themselves with you because they’re afraid that other people will consider them less worthy or important than you. They feel invisible and left out because they’re not getting the praise that you’re getting. So, they get a sense of disregard from others.

But rather than have normal feelings of disappointment and regret, they have anger and hatred toward you.

Although you never harm them, the bullies feel a sense of injustice because they feel that you don’t deserve the recognition, but they do. They feel wronged and very much entitled to their anger and hostility.

Bullies will then accuse you of thinking you’re better than they are- as if they know what you’re thinking. And they really do think they can read your mind correctly, which then only further arouses their anger and hate.

Again, according to the bullies’ logic, you’ve wronged them somehow so, you are the enemy. And this perceived wrong that you’ve done compels the bullies to act hostile toward you because the bullies’ egos have been bruised by your successes and accomplishments.

Just as money is the root of evil, the ego is the root of jealousy. And bullies have enormous egos!

0 thoughts on “Narcissists, Bullies, and Jealousy

  1. Singhshma says:

    of course victims should be protected and uplifted, supported, and loved to know their worth and strength, to protect themselves from bullies… but I also feel so pity for bullies… mainly because they won’t know how sad and weak they are while holding a bully position 🙁

  2. Puzzles of the Soul says:

    Jealousy is the root of bullying as it is of evil . Another great post and we need to learn to protect ourselves from the energy of the bullies as it is harsh often feels like spears being thrown at you. You have to learn to deflect the pangs of anger being projected at you. Bless you Cherie

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