The Mentally and Intellectually Disabled Are The Strongest, Bravest, and Purest Souls on Earth!

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If you’re from my generation, I’m sure you remember the series from the early ’90s, “Life Goes On.” And if you remember this television series, then you automatically think of Corky Thatcher, the mentally challenged middle child of the Thatcher family, played by Chris Burke. He, in real life, has Down’s Syndrome.

I’m not writing this for personal gain. The chances are that neither Chris Burke nor any of the other cast members or producers will ever read this post, which is only proof that I write strictly from my heart and about what I’ve noticed on many, many occasions throughout my lifetime.

The Mentally and Intellectually disadvantaged have the purest and sweetest of hearts, yet they live in a world that looks down on them. They’re unwanted- shunned, ridiculed, and brutalized. Yet, most of them maintain their smiles and their unconditional kindness. Their moral compasses never waiver. They’re innocent, childlike, and have hearts of the purest gold.

I write books about unsung heroes, who are different and who bullies target daily. But I’ll tell you this:

The courageous, amazing real-life heroes are the best of the human race! I admire their unbreakable will, unshakeable courage, dogged determination, and amazing ability to keep smiles on their faces even under the most challenging of circumstances!

These are the people who have the fortitude to overcome odds that would be overwhelming to a cast majority of people. And I state this with full conviction.

These beautiful souls also work the lowliest of jobs- jobs that most people think are beneath them. They have the best work ethic, are the most dedicated, and have the most pride in their work. Yet, they are the worst treated and devalued by supervisors and coworkers!

These angels have more heart and soul than those who are “normal” and twice their ages.

You have to wonder how they do it. How do the mentally and intellectually disabled find the resolve to go up against such tremendous odds every single day? How do they keep pushing amid jeers, jokes, and cruel insults? Situations under which most “normal” people would’ve thrown in the towel?

Another reason why I salute the mentally and intellectually challenged is that they don’t let on that they even realize it when the rest of the world is showing it’s booty to them. They’re the people who never complain nor seem to feel sorry for themselves like most “normals” do anything life gives them a one-two punch. Yet they’re given the least respect, the most devalued, and the most abused- all because people see them as having the least power of all!

The mentally and intellectually disabled don’t retreat into drugs and alcohol. Instead, they retreat into their work and hobbies. They keep their minds occupied with things that interest them.

I’ve found that these people are also most talented in the arts. Many of them draw and play musical instruments like professionals! Yet, others overlook those talents because of who those talents belong to!

I’m not one of them. I don’t claim to know for sure, so I can’t speak for the mentally and intellectually disabled. But through my observations over the years, I’ve come to realize that, maybe, the reason the mentally and intellectually disabled seem to handle adversity with such grace and aplomb is that they’ve accepted it as their normal.

I’m not saying that they don’t get hurt by it because they have feelings too. They have the same desires as everyone else- to be loved and accepted for who they are. We all have the desire to be apart of something and to be included. Humankind is hardwired that way.

But the mentally and intellectually challenged have such a way of bouncing back from years of repeated rejection- back to their cheerful selves much quicker! And they’re much more forgiving!

That’s what makes them such beautiful souls! They’re the brightest and most brilliant lights in a very dark world! And it will go to their credit and be celebrated in The Afterlife!

Therefore, all I can say to the millions of earth angels is this:

Keep up the good fight! Keep being a shining example to the rest of the world! I love you all!

“Kids Under the Latch Key” by Cherie White

0 thoughts on “The Mentally and Intellectually Disabled Are The Strongest, Bravest, and Purest Souls on Earth!

  1. Greg Dennison says:

    My friend Eddie, whom I’ve mentioned in my blog, has three kids; the youngest has Down’s syndrome. The last time I saw them in person, in 2017, the kid was around 5 at the time, and at one point he walked up to me and shouted something unintelligible with a huge smile on his face. It was the sweetest thing ever. 🙂

    (Eddie’s wife, the kid’s mother, is also one of my friends whom I’ve mentioned in my blog; I’m not going to say who she is, because they weren’t a couple yet at the time of my storytelling, and I don’t want to give away spoilers. I literally flipped a coin to decide which parent I would name by name in this comment.)

        • cheriewhite says:

          Please don’t blame yourself. None of it was your fault, honey. And you were a child and didn’t know how to defend yourself yet. Your teacher’s behavior doesn’t say anything about you but everything about her and her lack of character. You are the innocent one here. So, never blame yourself. You can take what happened to you and use it for the good of others who are being bullied. And no doubt, you can make a difference. Know that you bring a lot of good to this world and I believe in you.

          • artsymaryann says:

            I used to feel desperate and feel like people are so unkind but you showed me kindness just by replying to me on the internet, it makes me realize that there is good people. Don’t stop being kind. You make me want to cry happy tears because this is the most nicest comment I’ve read. My teacher said I wouldn’t be successful.

          • cheriewhite says:

            I’m so glad I could help you feel happiness, honey. This really means a lot! And I’ll never stop being kind and reaching out to those who are bullied. It’s how I get healing and closure to the painful years I went through. <3

      • David M. Green says:

        Been there done that.

        One of the reasons I was so impressed with your blog is that not only was I bullied at work for years.

        I have suffered the consequences of my mothers bad choices for over half a century.

        An extremely rough marriage.

        To the point I finely decided to take my life for the fifth time just before my 60th birthday.

        I managed to survive again to my great disappointment.

        This time though something clicked and I’m not the same person I was before.

        This time I’m setting boundaries I will not allow either my mother, wife or anyone else for that matter to cross.

        Most importantly I am no longer afraid to live alone and instead of people I have made my writing the absolute center my life revolves around.

        • cheriewhite says:

          Your story is very heart-touching and I’m so glad you finally saw your worth. Know that you bring so much good to the world and that you’re not only worth fighting for, you’re worth living for! I’m so proud of you for finally putting yourself first and standing up to the people who have brought you down. And continue to write because it’s such good therapy!
          Keep taking care of yourself because you deserve to be treated with love and respect.

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