Other Tactics of Bullying: Barking Orders

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When bullies order the target around, they deny his/her equality and autonomy. Instead of respectfully asking for what they want, bullies only bark off orders as if the target were their subordinate or subject. Proverbially, this is how bullies claim ownership of the person. Understand that bullies don’t have to be bosses or authority to order you around.

Here are some examples of orders and what you can say to counter them:

“Get (your ass) in here!”

“Screw you!”

“Come back here now!”

“Or what?”

“Clean this (shit) up!”

“YOU clean it up!”

“Don’t walk away from me!”

“I just did!”

“You’re not leaving!”

“Watch me!”

“I wanna talk to you!”

“Get lost!”

“I’ve got a bone to pick with you!”

“Drop dead!”

“Pick that up!”

“Up yours!”

“Sit down!”

“YOU sit down!”

“Shut up!”

“YOU shut up!”


“YOU move!”

Understand that no one has the right to give you orders other than your boss, teachers or your mother. And if a classmate or coworker steps over the line and barks off an order, it’s as simple as saying, “I don’t take orders.”

The trick is to counter the order. It’s the only way to maintain your autonomy, self-esteem and keep feeling good about yourself.

0 thoughts on “Other Tactics of Bullying: Barking Orders

  1. murisopsis says:

    My come back was always “Would you like to rephrase that?” accompanied by an arched eyebrow. When that failed I’d resort to the direct approach. “I don’t take orders from you.”

  2. SLM1975 says:

    Of course when I would try to ignore my bullies, they would threaten me. Fearing for my life, I had to obey bullies…or I’d be expelled, arrested, or institutionalized.

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