Trying to Change Other People

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Many victims of bullying try so hard to get others to like them, only to drive them further away instead. It all boils down to this: You are trying to change them.

Don’t. Because you can’t. I say this because anytime you try to change someone, they will sense that and only double down. Stop thinking about them because they aren’t worth the extra time and energy.

And why would you want the approval of people who only use and abuse you? Why do you even want those people in your life? I want you to realize that anyone who bullies you is the last person who deserves a spot in your life.

Or you could look at it another way: Would you want another person to try and change you? How would you feel if the roles were reversed? You’d feel even more resentment toward the other person, wouldn’t you? I would.

No one wants to be force or made to feel compelled. Including you. Besides, your bullies are already trying to force you to feel bad about yourself. They’re already trying to exert control over you. Do you really want to crawl behind people like them? Yuck!

Instead of focusing on them, focus on yourself and your goals and dreams. Get busy doing you. Be a little selfish. This is the time when you should make it all about you.

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  1. coatofmanycolors22 says:

    It is human nature all of us want to be liked and respected. Unfortunately there is just no way to be loved by everyone because there is always going to be haters, jealous people, etc. However, the problem comes when they trash your reputation or bully. Even worse is when adults who should know better do it and teach it to their children. The best thing a person can do is be themselves. The people you need in your life will like, love and appreciate that and the others bullies or not, don’t belong there.

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