Women Who Date Lowlifes

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Throughout my lifetime, I’ve known many women who seemed to pick shady and nasty characters to date. I’m talking about smart and beautiful women who you know can do better if they’d be a little more selective!

I’ve found that many of these women date no-count losers who don’t treat them well. I’ve seen their partners degrade these poor women and try to control them. Many of these partners are either broke, jobless, or working dead-end jobs.

Several of these bad partners and spouses are in and out of jail and who always have their women post bail for them. And this becomes a cycle. Even sadder is the fact that many of these smart and beautiful women either move in with or marry these losers, then end up having to keep these scrubs up!

These women will pay their partner’s bills and try to make life easier for them, only to be disrespected by them later.

Let me give you my opinion here. And this opinion may tick a lot of people off, but I’ll say it anyway.

Unless they are sick and can’t work, any significant other who lives off a woman or works and spends the money on themselves rather than contributing to the home is a sorry sack! That’s how I view them. Still, many smart, talented, and beautiful women end up with just the type.

But why?

It’s because many of these women have low self-esteem. They’re blind to their beauty, intelligence, and strength. They’re afraid of being alone and don’t think they can do any better than these worthless partners. So, these women take what they think they can get and settle for so much less than what they deserve.

denial willful blindess self-deceit, willful ignorance

Also, these women think that they can change the person or that the person has “potential.” So, again, in order to keep from being alone, they delude themselves into thinking that their partner is just going through a rough patch and that, eventually, they’ll do better. This is wrong and ends up dragging the poor woman down too.

It happens all the time. Smart and beautiful women resort to dating beneath their own standards to ensure they have a partner. Understand that these women have the attitude that “anything is better than being alone.” So, they’re willing to put up with shabby treatment, spend all their hard-earned money to keep these creeps out of jail and do without just to keep a romantic partner.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be alone than to put up with some lazy piece of crap who does nothing but keep me stressed out and broke. I can do bad all by myself! I don’t need help from some scumbag.

I realize that life can be tough and we all get down on our luck sometimes. It happens. So, if you have a partner who’s striving and has lost their job, by no means am I suggesting that you leave because things happen that are beyond our control. And chances are that a person who really wants to do better will eventually. But if your partner doesn’t bother to try, you may want to consider other options.

So, if you’re in either of these types of relationships, know that you owe it to yourself to leave the toxic relationship and to be more selective. Know that you’re worth it and if the other person can’t get their act together, you have every right to show them the door. The last thing you should do is to waste any more time with a partner who doesn’t value you or the good you bring to their life. So, don’t settle or continue a relationship with someone who only takes you for granted. Find someone who values and cherishes you. Don’t you think you’re worth it? I do.

Later, I will post about men who date toxic partners.

0 thoughts on “Women Who Date Lowlifes

  1. murisopsis says:

    I witnessed this up close – my Aunt married one and after 4 kids finally discovered a spine and told him to get out and stay out. I’d like to say she did better after that but it wouldn’t be the truth. She had a thing for scum. As she entered her 60s she decided that being single was better…

    • cheriewhite says:

      Wow. My heart goes out to your Aunt, Valerie. But I’m glad she finally loved herself enough to decide for herself that being alone was better than putting up with abuse. Many, many women do leave abusers just to end up with other abusers- I’ve seen it up close as well. I’ve had a few close friends do the same thing. Thankfully, one friend ended up with a man who treated her quite well another friend decided she was better off by herself. A third one left her abusive partner, went back to school and started a good career, and a forth lady left and moved to the Gulf Coast to be near her mother and her adult children. They’re all so much happier now and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Thank you so much for your thoughts. ❤

  2. SLM1975 says:

    I never actually dated the lowlifes I’m about to describe, but the following talked themselves into thinking I belonged to them:

    LOUIS — Kid who became obsessed with me, insulting me, hitting and even trying to rape me at my locker. He got away with it with help from his sister/accomplice, Rachel.

    LARRY — Overweight lowlife who thought we were more than friends and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Destroyed me over everything I attached myself to.

    PETER — Fellow Aspergian who nearly snapped my neck when I didn’t want to be more than friends with him. Forcibly kissed me, tailgated, tried to rape me on a waterbed in a mattress shop…

    I never recovered from the above ordeals because I was too scared to fight back or stand up for myself. When I did so, my abusers didn’t take it well…

  3. coatofmanycolors22 says:

    I have lots of thoughts on this one too (I know big surprise lol). By the way I sent you another email updating you on something with just one simple question. It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to read and respond. Anyway let me post my thoughts in multiple posts.

  4. coatofmanycolors22 says:

    I think you hit on something huge here and that is feeling isolated and loneliness. Let’s be honest. We all fear it and we all hate it. Even loners wish they had a few special people. I think part of the problem comes down to the fact we do tend to settle or won’t go a day without another relationship. It drives me insane. I will have friends or see people on Social Media madly in love with someone for a significant period of time and then all of a sudden they announce they are single and enjoying being single and how it will be a long time before they date again and then two days later are in a relationship with the “love of their life.” It is kind of pathetic.

  5. coatofmanycolors22 says:

    And so many women (and I suppose some men which I think you are going to cover later) love the bad boys. One thing I loathe is the dreaded “friend zone.” Both genders have been placed there and so many times we will claim we can’t find a good man yet there are these good decent men with morals that are put in a friend zone because he doesn’t have enough edge to him. It is not that he is bad looking (not that it should matter anyway) but we don’t have that physical draw because he is actually “nice”. Most women claim we want so good Christian, nice, hard working, good with the kids guy but those guys get looked past.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Yes! I’ve noticed that too and it’s sad! That happens all the time. Most women want to go with the bad boy because they say that the bad boy “brings adventure” or he’s “exciting.” What they don’t get is that he’s also abusive, talks a good game, and puts on a good front. He brings drama and there comes a time when we have to get real with ourselves and decide if we won’t a life of drama or a life of love and peace.

  6. coatofmanycolors22 says:

    Now on the issue of money. It is like this. How much someone makes shouldn’t matter but the fact they have a job should matter a lot. You are right sometimes someone falls on hard times but the effort should be made to find one and they should have a work history definitely by the time they make it to their late 20’s or early 30’s. Now I will say this women sometimes are bad about taking advantage of this. They (and I have done this) have stayed in relationships for too long because they like the paycheck etc and don’t want to be out on their own struggling financially so they will use the guy all they can. I personally have grown to realize (or maybe I just grew up) that I would live in a tent before I stayed with anyone just for the check. I also believe this is 2020 and women should work outside the home too. I am fair with this. If the man is providing financially, the woman should too. That is an equal partnership.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Right. Everything you said, I can agree with. However, I’ve seen good women with jobs, their own homes and good morals end up with partners who use, abuse and take them for granted. Some of these partners were either too lazy to work, worked but didn’t want to part with a dime of their money, or they were in and out of jail and who did they call to bail them out? Their girlfriends. That is what I discussed.

      • coatofmanycolors22 says:

        No doubt about that and no man should be laying on the couch not working. If he has fallen on hard times like a layoff or something that is one thing but it should be temporary. And as far as in and out of jail absolutely not. And if there are any men out here reading this that have had something bad happen to them, a one time mistake that you learned from, or lost a job through no fault of your own, I understand. Pick yourself up and get back out there looking and getting your life back on track. If you do have a good woman helping you out then you better realize how fortunate you are.

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