RIP Eddie Van Halen

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Yesterday, I was shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Eddie Van Halen, an iconic rock guitarist that I grew up loving! Being a Rock Music fan all through school, he and Van Halen were one of the musicians and rock groups who helped me through some very difficult times in school.

Music was one of my biggest go-tos and helped put a smile back on my face! I cannot count the times I rocked out in the privacy of my bedroom to Van Halen hits like, “Eruption,” “When it’s Love,” “I’ll Wait,” “Feels So Good,” “Jump,” “Panama,” “Hot For Teacher,” and other awesome VH hits!

I only saw them in concert once and that was at the Monsters of Rock Concert in Memphis during the summer of 1988.  The Monsters of Rock tour included Van Halen and other awesome groups Scorpions, Dokken, Metallica, and Kingdom Come.

This is truly the end of an awesome Era in Rock Music and Eddie will be greatly missed!

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