Why Being Picky is a Great Thing

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Many times, in my adult life, I’ve been accused of being “picky”- too picky. And my response was always, “Damn right!”

Yes. I’m picky- picky about my food, my pay, my clothes, and, most of all, who I let into my circle of friends. I have my standards and I don’t apologize for it.

Understand that being picky about certain things is a must, otherwise, you sell yourself short.

Being picky is just a derogatory term for having standards. It’s setting boundaries. It’s letting others know what you will and will not accept. Most of all, it’s showing that you value yourself and that you know that you’re worthy of better things than the crap life loves to drop into your lap.

Being picky is something to be admired, not scorned.


I want you to know that when people put you down for being picky, it only means they aren’t benefiting from it, and they only way they would is if you were to drop your standards. So, understand that when others accuse you of being picky, they’re only saying it to make you feel guilty.

Allow no one to intimidate or guilt you into dropping your standards. Stay true to yourself!

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  1. HarleyQ2 says:

    There is nothing wrong with being picky. Oftentimes, People know what they want and only the individual lives his/her own life and has to deal with the good and bad consequences.

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