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Another personal story of being bullied. This shows what bullying does to victims for the long term. Bullies can ruin your life if you aren’t careful!

I’m an over thinker. I have been told this numerous times and I am aware of it and yet I can’t stop over thinking or worrying. I have been speaking a lot lately about self suffering as part of my healing process, how my thoughts lead me back to the past too much, which of […]

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0 thoughts on “Penny for your thoughts — 健康 Jiànkāng

  1. Aimee Eddy says:

    Penny for your thoughts,
    I have gone through years of therapy because of the bullying I faced in school. I’m a worrier too. I also lived in my imagination as a kid. I imaged getting hurt so I wouldn’t have to go to school.
    You can rise above the emotional scars and reach recovery from your mental illness. Excellent post.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Thank you so much, Aimee!

      And please accept my sincerest apologies for not seeing this comment much sooner. WP has been sending a lot of legitimate comments to my spam folder lately and I didn’t think to check it. I’m truly sorry.

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