Mom-Shaming: Another Form of Bullying

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Today, another form of bullying exists but didn’t have a name until sometime within the last ten years. Mom-shaming, Dad-shaming, or parent-on-parent bullying has been in existence for decades.

If you’re a parent, know that it’s not a question of if, but when.

There will be people outside your home who’ll overstep their boundaries and insert their two cents where it doesn’t belong. They’ll think they have carte blanche to tell you your business and to these people, my question would be, “Who the &%$# are you?”

I’ve witnessed other parents shamed over their parenting skills and been there myself, and it can get brutal. To hear these bullies talk, you’d think that that the victims caught in their cross hairs were the worst parents on Earth! But they weren’t and still aren’t.

They never abused nor neglected their children, never encouraged nor condoned any wrongdoing, yet other parents disparaged them for merely trying to mold their kids into mature and independent adults. People shame them mostly for the ways they discipline their children or doing anything in a way the shamers didn’t approve of.

I’ve read of a mom or dad being lambasted by other parents for grounding their daughter after the girl snuck out of the house one night.


I saw on the news, another incident when people shamed a parent on social media for cutting off her daughter’s hair after the girl bullied another classmate with cancer- a punishment that, although harsh, ensures that she never again bullies another cancer patient.

Believe me. I understand that being a parent is tough enough without others trying to butt in. So, if you are a parent and you endure this kind of bullying, don’t feel bad about yourself and don’t try to conform to these nosy idiots.

I want you to know that as long as you aren’t abusing nor neglecting your kid, you have every right to tell these big-nosed people to stay in their lane. Who are they to tell you how to raise your child?

So, don’t bite your tongue. Don’t hold back. If you know, you’re doing nothing wrong, and some snoop sticks her big nose where it doesn’t belong, you can tell that person, point black to mind her own damn business.

You wouldn’t let someone come into your house and tell you how to clean it or take it upon themselves to arrange your furniture without your permission. So, why would you allow them to tell you how to raise your child?

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  1. murisopsis says:

    Hi Cherie. I’ve been trying to comment but the “jetpack” app won’t let me. It is very frustrating. I don’t know what changed but I hope this comment gets through….

  2. Herb says:

    It can be difficult, especially if you have a different view than “the norm”. Answering, as you say, bluntly, is usually the best. If you don’t approve of how I’m raising my children, then maybe we should part company.

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