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Dr. Tatiana Falcone, Child psychiatrist from Cleveland Clinic Children’s gives advice on immediate steps parents should take to mitigate the serious long-term risks posed by chronic bullying. An established body of research has linked bullying to teen suicides, but a newer study suggests the effects of chronic bullying in childhood can affect victims into their […]

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0 thoughts on “Intervene If Your Child is Bullied — Bitter Sweet

  1. bigskybuckeye says:

    During my last nine years of teaching at an urban middle school, the staff had to be on alert each day for bullying. Especially on Monday, social media interactions would spill over into school . . . more so with females than males.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Wow! Being a teacher is stressful these days. Not like it was when I went to school. And I’ve heard of kids getting into fistfights over a post on Facebook.

      I take my hat off to teachers these days because they get a crappy deal! I salute you bigtime!

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