Staying Calm During The COVID-19 Pandemic

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In the weeks of the CV-19 Pandemic, I’ve kept it off my blog, for the most part, not to be selfish, but because I realize that people are already fearful enough as it is and there’s already enough panic right now without me adding to it. And I guess it was my way of preserving a little bit of normalcy.

Also, excessive blogging was my way of keeping my mind off the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and all the negativity I see on the news every day.

However, we’re all human. And even though we may look calm and together on the outside, on the inside, we’re scared and if not scared, we’re concerned. I’m no exception.

For the most part, I’ve maintained a calm exterior. And I refuse to panic over something I can do nothing about. But!

As it is with many of you, my heart is heavy. I’ve had some long cries and said many prayers over the last few days because- like everyone else, I’m not sure what the future holds anymore. It’s the unknown that is so frightening. Though I don’t show it, it’s on the inside and it’s private.

But I’m going to hang onto faith that this thing won’t last, that minimal people die, and that whatever happens, it will be to our betterment in the long run. That’s what faith in God is.

Like you, I pray that this virus doesn’t hit any of my family and close friends. I pray that no one I know, friend or not, catches this disease. And I pray for total strangers too, hoping they stay well! And I pray for our neighborhoods, towns, our state, our country and our leaders.

I also pray that there’s little violence in the next few weeks as this Pandemic is expected to reach a peak. Because when people get desperate, they get dangerous, which is why I pray that this crisis ends soon.

I especially pray for our healthcare workers because they and their families are most at risk. I also thank them for the long hours they put in to help fight this virus. They are the real heroes in this!

Please continue to pray for strength and healing! God bless you all!

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