Don’t settle for being 2nd best! — Fair & Rosy

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Here’s a powerful post from Kayla at the “Fair & Rosy” blog.

It’s another reminder that we should love ourselves enough not to settle for being second best.

They say in your entire lifetime, you can count your truest friends on one hand, and that I can believe. For me, I never really had many friends as a child. I partly grew up with my grandparents and was usually alone, which I did not mind. I’ve always liked and appreciated my alone time. […]

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0 thoughts on “Don’t settle for being 2nd best! — Fair & Rosy

  1. bubblebathselfempowerment says:

    Yes, they never appreciated it and continue to try to take everything they can for their own good, but never considering ours. There comes a time when we have to give ourselves respect, dignity, safety and happiness by not doing what we’ve always done for people that don’t appreciate it. If we don’t, we allow them to make us a victim. This post really rings true for me this morning. Also your comment of liking and appreciating your alone time – I feel the same.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Absolutely. Sadly, some are too afraid to put their foot down when they need to. And I read somewhere that said that having alone time shows that you’re a healthy individual because it’s all a part of self care.

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