Bullying and Kids with Disabilities — Showing My Stripes

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Bullying is never ok! Whether a person has a disability or not, bullying should not be tollerated. We live in a world now where bullying doesn’t just stop on the playground, or at school. With the implimentation of social media, people who are being bullied can sometimes never escape their bullies, and for impressionable kids […]

via Bullying and Kids with Disabilities — Showing My Stripes

0 thoughts on “Bullying and Kids with Disabilities — Showing My Stripes

  1. Rethinking Scripture says:

    It is disgusting that someone would bully a child with a physical or mental challenge.
    My question Cherie, where are the parents of these bullies? What in God’s green earth did those parents teach that bully?
    I really saw red reading that article. Thank you for bringing it forward!

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re very welcome. And sadly, parents bully others, even those with mental disabilities in front of their children, or even say terrible things to their children behind the disabled person’s back. I’ve seen it happen. Then the kids think it’s okay for them to do it. It’s both sad and disgusting! And it infuriates me to even think about it!

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