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It would seem a no-brainer, if you are a decent human being, that you would listen to and believe people who report abuse and bullying. But we don’t, and it is important to look at why if that’s ever going to change. Bullies and abusers don’t go along with being called out. They deny everything, […]

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  1. Rethinking Scripture says:

    Cherie, what upsets me is the victim is victimize twice.
    First, by the real attacker, then when it reaches the courts they are victimized again by the Defense Lawyer.
    It just makes me want to scream.
    When someone cries out about being a victim of any number of reasons we should believe the person without doubt.

      • myplace3187 says:

        You are very welcome Cherie. I enjoyed finding pictures to go along with each of the ten things. I am a little under the weather right now as well. I hope I am not getting that coronavirus !! I feel like I have a mild cold to be honest. Good luck and get better soon Cherie. Glad you liked this !

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