Let Bullies be Your Rocket Fuel to Unimaginable Heights

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Space Shuttle starts its mission and takes off into the sky. Roc

Instead of letting them bring you down, use your bullies as motivation to succeed. Let them be your drive to accomplish anything you see set to do. Walk with your head held high, even amid taunts and attacks from bullies. Believe in yourself even when it seems no one else does. Be your own advocate, and be your own best friend.

Love and respect yourself. Do the things you enjoy the most. Stand up for your beliefs and convictions. Take care of yourself and stay true to your own heart.

Conceptual scene is a narcissistic and selfish person

Put yourself first. Be a little selfish and permit yourself to say no, whether or not anyone approves of it. Be your authentic self, be assertive and outspoken. Keep company only with people who love you most, who uplift you and who understand that you’re human and make mistakes.

Take charge of your own happiness and never depend on anyone else for it. Be proud of your successes, accomplishments, and accolades.

Do all these, and you will truly be bully-free!

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