Seasoned Bullies Prefer Psychological/Emotional Bullying

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Symptoms and feelings of Depression

Why? Because this type of harassment offers easy deniability.

Unlike the physical kind, Psycho/Emotional bullying is less evident to others outside the bully-victim dynamic because it leaves no visible bruises, cuts, or wounds. Therefore, the target has no proof that any bullying ever took place and the bullies can easily deny any incidences in the event the victim becomes fed up and either asserts themselves or reports the harassment to an authority figure.

Afterwards, the bullies can brand the target as mentally unstable, destroy his/her credibility, reputation, and relationships, then retaliate against the victim by continuing and escalating the harassment later.

Remember that the most talented bullies are the biggest cowards and the most successful actors and actresses. They have methods of harassment which are well-planned in advance.

They go to great lengths to prevent themselves from being exposed. They’re incredibly crafty, committing their attacks ever so slowly and subtly, undercover and behind a veil of superficial charm, fake playfulness, and deceit.

Positive teenage student boy keeps hands folded, tooth smile ima

These type of bullies are often in the Preppy/Popular crowd at school or in the Good Ole’ Boy Clique at work because of their superior social skills, ability to read people and predict others’ reactions, and have talent for keeping up appearances.

They are usually well-liked by teachers, school staff, supervisors, managers and CEOs. They excel in studies, join clubs or sororities/fraternities, and make themselves out to be high performers at work by stealing the ideas and work of others.

Because their popularity and extreme likeability serve as a shield from accountability and add a lot of weight to their lies and deceit, they often get away with bullying others.

If you live in a small town, they likely come from families who have powerful connections, which is all the more reason why they must keep up appearances. Many of these kinds of harassers are highly skilled wordsmiths, which is why they are such good liars and seem to have the right answer or justification for anything.

Bullies of this kind also have followers. They’re too chicken to get their hands dirty, so if they want to cause any physical harm to their target, they will often send one of their sycophants to do it for them, being sure to offer money and social status as possible incentives to get the job done and stay quiet.

But understand that most of their followers don’t like them, they only kiss and cover their butts to get something from them- their approval and the power and social status that comes with it.

Bullies on top of the pecking order will also use their social skills to take advantage of the mentally disabled (kids with Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc.) and the physically disabled, (kids with Diabetes, Lupus, heart defects and food allergies; kids who are paraplegic, etc).

They also target kids with weight issues (overweight or underweight), those with low self-esteem, or those younger and smaller.

Manipulation concept

And most of the abuse they dish out to these kids is strictly psychological or emotional because they’re such cowards! Otherwise, they wouldn’t select such vulnerable kids to push around in the first place.

Since you have to go to school or work with these types and there is no way to avoid these types of people or to go no-contact, I want you to see through these self-entitled, self-absorbed, and self-satisfied wimps so that you can learn their weaknesses and expose them for your own protection.

You must get into the minds of these bullies. To properly defend yourself, you must think as they do even though it’s not a pleasant place and I’ll tell you! The souls of such people can be downright ugly!

Sometimes it takes getting just as low, just as sneaky and just as nasty as your attacker if you ever want to expose them for what they are before they’ll back off.

The more you know, the more you’re prepared, the better you can protect yourself from such people.

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  1. murisopsis says:

    I survived. At one point the boss started telling people that I was losing it mentally. When one of her “friends” let me know what was being said, I just laughed and said that anyone who knew me would think she was nuts since I’m obviously not having issues… I continued to laugh about it and point out the fallacy of the statements noting that anyone who really believed that was not very bright. The rumors evaporated overnight…

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