My Bullies Were My Fans, They Just Didn’t Know it!

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Sadly, neither did I. Although bullying is never a laughing matter, if I’d only realized this back then, I would’ve laughed at them instead of letting them get me upset.

Think about it. When you’re bullied, your peers stay mad at you all the time, have negative and destructive thoughts of you, talk about you constantly, start whispering campaigns to keep you alone and friendless.

You consume their thoughts day and night! And all of this takes so much energy, so much effort! Wow!

All this just for you!

I’m making fun of the bullies of course. Because they tell all just by their reactions, which only means you’re not boring(Snicker). Good or bad, they keep you relevant. You can rile people up, fire up their emotions, make them crazy with rage without lifting a finger!


All you have to do is to be seen or walk into the room and blood pressures all around you shoot up. You’re making an impact on them.

Understand that bullies don’t hate you, they only hate themselves because you remind them of what they only wish they could be.

You may not realize it, but you’re really the one in control. Take advantage of it. Fire them up. Because anger effects a person’s ability to think clearly and causes them to goof up, make a mistake and shoot themselves in the foot.

That’s right! They’ll get so fired up that they’ll do something stupid and get caught. You won’t even have to snitch! They’ll do it for you!

Although I’m being a smart-aleck, it’s also true. You can very slyly get bullies worked up and they’ll slip up and end up being “hoisted by their own petards”.

It’s easier than you think!

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