Sincerely, Angela: A Mother’s Letter About Her Son’s Bullycide

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This post is from the “We Roar for Kenny Bug” blog and was written by Angela Suttner, a grieving mother who lost her son, Kenny, to bullycide on December 16, 2016.

As a parent of two sons myself, I cannot imagine the pain. Until you’ve heard or read from someone who has lived it, you cannot comprehend the damage- the devastation that bullying causes. And you cannot understand the gut-turning, heart-wrenching pain of a parent, a sibling, a family who has lost a loved one to bullycide.

In this blog, Angela Suttner pours her heart out in her blog, and it will bring tears to your eyes.

Being an anti-bullying advocate, I have spoken to Angela personally via social media, and she has such much to teach you. In speaking to her and reading her posts, you cannot help but to feel her anguish.

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