How to Fight Narcissistic Bullies? Just Sit Back and Give Them Plenty of Rope!

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Narcissistic bullies are such good actors, aren’t they? They’re good at going undetected, flying under the radar and making themselves out to be better than what they are, while making you look like the fool or the bad guy. But the good news is that sooner or later, people such as these usually wind up telling off on themselves somehow, someway, without even realizing it until it’s too late and the cat’s already out of the bag.

I’ve seen it happen before too many times, where narcissist bullies got a little too confident, too sure of themselves, too loud, too obnoxious, too flippant, and then, they got stupid! They ended up unintentionally outing themselves!

Perhaps the narco didn’t realize that there was a person in authority nearby when he got too loud and shot off his mouth. Or maybe she accidentally left a damning piece of evidence lying about and didn’t cover her tracks as well as she could have. Then again, perhaps the Narc-bully wove such a big web of lies and finally got tangled in it, or pushed things a little too far and made people not want to be around them. Either way, the narcopath got found out!

Understand that these types are always pushing boundaries as far as they can. Give these people an inch, and they take a mile. But give them a mile, and they take ten. With a Narco, it’s never enough. Standing up to these idiots is useless because you’ll only arouse their narcissistic rage, and they’ll spend the rest of their natural lives hunting for you and trying to get back at you. With a narcissist, everything is tit for tat, and the fight soon becomes exhausting for the victim of such erratic behavior.

So, don’t fight or try to get back at a narcissistic bully because trust me, they’ll never stop. They’ll only keep coming after you. Instead, just sit back, let the narco rant and rave and act like you don’t care. While they shout, curse and foam at the mouth, continue to rock it- grey rock it, that is! Go no contact if it’s possible because people like these are dangerous and can hurt you.

A selfish businessman clings to a balloon called the ego and a big hand with a needle intends to burst it

But rest assured that eventually, the narcissist bully will screw up, and karma will visit them. They may not learn their lesson and change (few narcs ever do), but they always get what they deserve in the end, especially when they get old.

I knew a young nurse who was a narcissist bully, even had the displeasure of working with her for a while. Eventually, she got caught stealing opiates from the nursing home, where she held the title of Director of Nursing. The owners of the nursing home fired her, and soon after, the state revoked her license to practice as a nurse. After losing her nursing license, her husband divorced her. She then worked at one of the local cafés as a waitress before becoming ill and finally dying. Her whole life went down the crapper, and this woman had a sad and miserable ending.

I’ve even known a few elderly narcissists and trust me. They live the most miserable and lonely existence of anyone I know. They’re the most bitter, angry, demanding, and ornery people you’ll ever meet. And why not? They’ve steamrolled others all their lives and now have no one to come for a visit nor to help them when they need it. And it’s sad!

People who know the person always make it a point to stay far away! And if by a minuscule chance some poor, unsuspecting sucker does come around, I can tell you that after spending enough time getting to know the person, they won’t be able to get out of there fast enough!

I know it seems that no one will hold these bullies responsible for their mean-spirited words or actions. I realize that narcissistic bullies have a talent for pouring on the charm and hoodwinking people into believing that they’re such good people. I understand that these types are so intimidating that they force people to take sides with them and give them what they want. And yes, I know that none of it is fair (and whoever said that life was?.

But rest assure. God doesn’t like ugly, and eventually, everything comes full circle. It may take a long time, but in the end, narcissist bullies always get back what they dish out. Always remember that.

0 thoughts on “How to Fight Narcissistic Bullies? Just Sit Back and Give Them Plenty of Rope!

  1. Chadancy says:

    Cherie, Spot on! I’ve done my best to stay away from my Narcissistic Bully sister. I really pray for guidance when I have to be around her. As long as I’m around many people, then she won’t attack me. All she can do is huff and puff, and storm around because she can’t say anything in front of all those people. The Pastor said to “be Jesus” to her, so I extended an “olive branch” to her at Mom’s memorial. NOPE! She would have none of it. Hey, no skin off my back. Everyone around could see the tension, how she behaves and how she talks. I’m quiet and soft spoken while she’s loud and obnoxious. I’ve had to block her, now she’s trying to boss me around by contacting my husband to relay messages to me. I told him just to ignore her. I pray for her, because I can see she is miserable, even though she tries to act confident. She will go on and on about how great she is to anyone who will listen to her. Thank you for your insight and encouraging words. It helps me feel like I’m not alone in this situation. It’s not something I can explain to just anyone, especially to those who don’t understand. I really appreciate all you do. ~Cheryl  

    • cheriewhite says:

      This story really touched my heart, Cheryl. I’m so sorry you’re experiencing this kind of behavior from someone who’s supposed to love you. It’s especially painful when it’s a family member. Thank you for telling me your story and I hope and pray it get’s better for you. Also, I’m proud of you for not giving her any ammo. Narcs thrive on our reactions. Wishing you many blessing!

  2. ourlittleredhouseblog says:

    I had to go No Contact with my mother and sister, it was one of the most painful things I have ever done but in order to protect my children from abuse I had no other choice. My mother and sister went insane with rage when I went No Contact. I did not realize the hate they always had in them was that bad until I set boundaries and rules for them. As long as I continued allowing them to treat me the way they did, along with other family members (my mother was the queen bee in the family) then it was okay. Not okay for me because I kept getting made into the bad guy, blamed for everything and attacked and sabotaged when I tried to have happiness and success in my life. Then I started seeing them mold my two children to be the next generation’s emotional punching bags. It was only when I saw it from an outside view of what had happened to me as a child that I finally got the courage to stand up to all my bullies. Where do we go for comfort and love when the bullies are your own family?…it still hurts to this day. I have been No Contact for almost a decade now. My children are grown and in college now and my husband and I are much happier having my NPD mom and sister out of our lives but we also have moments of sadness that reminds us that we really don’t have an extended family during holidays and special events. We have also had some pretty scary health scares but we have no one to be by our sides in hospitals and situations like that, it can be lonely at times but at least we aren’t getting bullied anymore.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I cannot imagine having to cut ties with people you love and who are supposed to love you because they mistreat you. I had to do that with a distant family member for several years, and that was painful enough. But cant imagine a mother and sister.

      My heart breaks for you and I’m so sorry you’re dealing with what has to be the most heartwrenching pain imaginable.

      Know that I’m sending you living though and wish you nothing but peace, love and light!

      • ourlittleredhouseblog says:

        Thank you for the kind words. Every year I hoped they would change their ways but so far they are still up to their games. MY kids are healthy and they are no longer being emotionally abused and we live everyday as happy as we can be.

  3. cheriewhite says:

    You did the best you could do for your babies and that’s all you could do. They have to want a relationship with you and your family and if they don’t, it’s on them. Not you.

    Keep being the best person you can be and continue to do what’s best for your family. Wishing you all the best!

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