Beware of the Big Mouth Person Who Airs Their Dirty Laundry

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If you’re a target of bullying, another type of person you should be aware of is the big mouth. These are people who air their own dirty laundry. Because if they air their own, you can be sure that they’ll air yours too.

Beware of the person who complains about their home life. Maybe they whine about their no-good, philandering husband or lazy wife who is a shopaholic or keeps a nasty house. Or they gripe about their unruly, disrespectful and out of control kids.

Maybe they brag about getting toilet-hugging drunk at a kegger last weekend. Maybe they give intimate details about their sex life (Yikes!). Or, equally shocking, they may give their medical history or details about their bodily functions (Yuck! Gross! Barf!).

Again, if they will trumpet embarrassing details about their own lives that are better kept private and make you want to “call Ralph,” you can bet dollars to doughnuts they’ll talk about any intimate details, they discover about yours too.

Avoid these people at all costs. Not only will they embarrass the crap out of you, but they’ll dig for information about you that’s equally humiliating. If they begin asking personal questions about your life, which they will often do, politely end the conversation, and excuse yourself.

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “Beware of the Big Mouth Person Who Airs Their Dirty Laundry

  1. Lokesh Sastya says:

    Earlier, I used to write a lot of imagination. Later, I come to the point to write about ‘Imagination To Creativity’.

    Talking about an imaginary world spoils your mind, keeps you away from reality. Now, discuss ‘life’ or general blogging issues.

    I want to inspire the people without realising, I’m misguided. Better to check yourself regularly and keep updating. Thank you.🙂

  2. Lorraine Anderson says:

    I usually like some of the things you write about, but I wonder if you feel this way about me because I do share about my medical issues but I never divulge anything about anyone else. I think that when you make a generality like that, there are exceptions like me. I strongly believe that by me sharing my health and fitness journey I am helping many and hurting no one. Please let me know what you think thanks. I really enjoy your posts but this one hurts because I don’t agree because I know I am a very nice person and would never hurt anyone in any way

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re fine, Loraine. I was thinking more of people who share details about their sex life or family problems with those at work. I don’t consider blogging about any medical issues you have as airing dirty laundry because it’s a blog and it can be educational. Granted, I wouldn’t want to read about anyone’s sex life, however. But blogs are different. I hope you have a great day. ❤

  3. Change Therapy says:

    Got something to do with people having a less than meaningful life and existence, that the only way to get attention is by ‘shouting it from the rooftops’ !
    Good subject Cherie, thanks

  4. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    😱 TMI. Cherie, there was a saying that noted, “A dog who brings a bone is a dog who carries a bone.” If someone is always constantly bringing stuff that should be kept secret or in private, they will tote something to others about you. As my mother would call it, “Diarrhea of the mouth!” 🥱

    But typically these are talkers who discuss any and everything, nothing is off limits. Just be cautious! 😉 💝 🤗

  5. goodvibes40 says:

    That is why it is important to have a true inner circle. Those 3-5 people at the most you can talk to about anything. Once you get past a few select people, watch out because loose lips sink ships. Even an inner circle can accidentally blab too much though not intentional. I have always said the people in an inner circle you should be able to joke around with yet also talk seriously and you know that it won’t go elsewhere. A lot of people like to run their mouth, start trouble and then play the victim role when you call them on it. Everyone screws up once in a while but these people are toxic and like to constantly cause drama.

    • cheriewhite says:

      Absolutely it is! I have mine and let me tell you, they are some awesome ladies! <3 And I agree about the toxic people. They looove to stir drama. That's why they are to be avoided. <3

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