Narcissistic Bullies Who Are Physically Violent

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It comes down to the bully’s views of him/herself and others. The reason these bullies use physical force and violence is because they feel vulnerable in conflicts. So, they go to the only problem-solving technique they’re most comfortable and familiar with- physical violence.

Physical violence is the only way they feel they can punish their targets and, therefore, restore their self-esteem.

These bullies tend to crave instant and immediate gratification and physical violence gives them that- an immediate rush of power and dominion, a thrill, a sense of control and that they’ve won.

Many physically violent bullies are egocentric and have delusions of grandeur. And when a target sticks up for themselves against these bullies- even if they do it verbally, or they just happen to say something, anything back to the bullies, right or wrong, it shatters the bullies’ grandiose images of themselves as tough guys who are always in the right. It makes them feel weak and stupid. Then they fly into a rage and use violence to restore that sense of power and invincibility.

Understand that these types of people are self-serving, feel superior to anyone else, and think they have innate entitlements that supersede even the most basic human rights of their targets. In other words, these bullies believe they’re entitled to harm their targets and that their targets are just supposed to “shut up and take it.” ‘Just take the abuse without protest or even question.

And when the target opposes and protests the abuse, the bullies will take it as a challenge and an insult and use forceful and violent measures to take the target down.

These people derive feelings of pleasure when beating up their targets and feel no shame unless they’re found out by the wrong people. In most cases, they are open with their violence and do not fear retaliation nor accountability because they know that most others are too scared to address the behavior and confront them.

As mentioned earlier, narcissistic physical bullies have no qualms about asserting their dominance over others because they feel their entitlements are supreme to your basic rights and they confidently encroach on your time, your space, and your safety.

These bullies have a low threshold for frustration and will make their targets pay dearly for frustrating them. And where most people would feel guilt and shame over hurting someone, narcissistic physical bullies only feel powerful and victorious.

Sadly, there’s not much you can do to help these types of people. Narcissistic people are resistant to any help or change. And narcissists who are physically violent usually end up in prison for battery or murder.

Unless you’re a black belt, there’s also not much you can do to protect yourself from these people because the more you fight back, the more they’ll come back until they wear you down, maim you, or worse, kill you. If you are a target of a narcissistic physical bully, the only way you can ensure your safety is not only to go no contact, but either relocate, transfer schools, or find another job.

0 thoughts on “Narcissistic Bullies Who Are Physically Violent

  1. scatterwisdom says:

    Your comment “f you are a target of a narcissistic physical bully, the only way you can ensure your safety is not only to go no contact, but either relocate, transfer schools, or find another job.”

    wise advice in my opinion especially for people living in high crime poverty areas usually home territories for gangs profiting from drugs. .

    Regards and goodwilll blogging.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I’m so sorry I offended you. Judging from your tone, I sense some frustration here. If you’re living in those conditions, my heart goes out to you. And yes, I realize that for some, this simply isn’t feasible and I feel terrible for them.

      “Regards and Goodwill blogging.”

      • scatterwisdom says:


        You did not offend me at all. I agreed with your statement. And yes we all should have empathy for the people who can not afford to move out of high crime areas.

        Better yet, if they cannot afford to move, they should instead vote for legislators to enforce laws to move out the gangs bullying them, in my opinion.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        • cheriewhite says:

          Absolutely correct everything you said here! Moving is expensive and communities are only as strong as their leaders. As long as they keep voting in the same ineffective people, nothing will get better. Blessings to you always. ❤🙏

  2. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Sooner or later Cherie they will let their guard down, and boy oh boy, and whoa be unto them! 😡 🤜🏼 👊🏼 🤛🏼 🤬 Somebody will open up a can of whip-a$$ on them just when they least expect it! Violence only begets violence! SMH 😧

  3. 80smetalman says:

    Most of the bullies I’ve encountered were the ones who responded to any slightest grievance by using their fists. I remember, one target pulled a weapon on his bully which made the bully momentarily back down until he went and reported the target for having the weapon. Your advice about how to handle such people is the best.

  4. Nadi Nafas says:

    Thank you for your analysis on the violent bullies… they do pose a great threat, I agree we need to be wise to determine the condition and the outcome of our actions. However, as someone who believes we need to stand up and stop this behaviour, there are different ways to do so. From posting their behaviour on social media, to make others acknowledge the bully and fight them together.. of course we also need to gage the bully’s strengths. All in all, as best as I can, bullying is not a tolerable behaviour ever. Thank you for highlighting this matter.

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re very welcome, Nadi. Amd thank you for your thoughts and kind words. 💖 My favorite point here, is posting their behavior on social media. I believe shame and public humiliation are, perhaps, the best weapons against these types of bullies. 😊

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