Quality over Quantity

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I have only a small circle of friends and associates and I like it that way. I’d much rather only five true friends than to have a million fake ones. And the truth is that you can have millions of frenemies and fair-weather friends who don’t value you as much as you deserve to be valued and still be lonely. You are no better off than you’d be if you had no friends at all.

But you can have only one friend, two friends, three or five, true friends who genuinely love you, enjoy being around you, and have your back and never feel abandoned.

Quantity is always zero without quality.

You can own a hundred houses, but it does not mean you’re rich. If your hundred houses are all infested with termites, rats, and cockroaches; and about to fall apart, do you really have anything of value?

A hundred cars don’t make a dealership if they’re all old beaters that don’t run. No. What you have is a junkyard.

The same goes with the friends you keep around. You can have thousands of friends but if they all treat you like crap, never have your back, and bail out at the first sign of trouble, they aren’t worth a damn, and you should ditch and switch.

Pick friends who know your worth and who earn the privilege of being in your life.

You must add value to yourself and that means that your time and your friendship must come at a cost. And that cost is reciprocation.

If a so-called friend constantly deals you shabby treatment, you must immediately withdraw your friendship and tell that person to take a walk and to not even look back. That’s how you add value to yourself.

You must teach others how they should treat you.

I realize that it won’t be easy to walk away, especially if you’re a target of bullying and your toxic, fake friends seem to be the only options you have. Nobody wants to be lonely and friendless. However, wouldn’t you rather be by yourself than to have sorry pieces of crap who only let you down as your friends. I know I would!

You must know your worth. Know that you deserve more than the crumbs you’re getting. And know that you can have true friends if you ditch these creeps. Think of it like this: You’re getting rid of them to make room for the better friends you’re about to meet. I’m not saying that you won’t be friendless for a while because you just might be.

And if you must wait, here are a few things you can do to lift your spirits while you wait:

1.Dive into your hobbies.

2. Spend time with family and friends.

3. Do the things you enjoy doing.

4. Exercise.

5. Treat yourself to a pampering session- get a spa treatment, go on a trip to the beach, etc.

There are so many things you can do that will put a smile on your face. Only you know what they are. Self-care is so important during times like these.

But I promise you. You will meet better people and you will make better friends. And once you do, they will be worth the wait! Don’t you think you’re worth it? I do.

And always remember. Quality over quantity!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “Quality over Quantity

  1. Don't Lose Hope says:

    I am with you on this. It’s wise to pick a handful of close friends you can trust and be real with … The others are more casual friendships, people you are not so invested in, and who you don’t expect to be invested in you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have very few “brothers”. I dont use the term “friend” lightly. There are a lot of bs people out there.

    Yeah, Ive had a few people fade out in my life but it was better for them and for me.

    I also dont do that “frenemy” crap. Its passive aggressive and I dont think adults talk that way.

    Have to keep busy when you have few true friends. I ended up like a family member, but I learned to keep busy.

  3. Pajama Party 39 says:

    Exactly right. The truth is most people only have a small number of true friends. Extroverts sometimes seem to have more but often times they aren’t deep friendships. Tell you what though. Watch romantic relationships and friendships where there is jealousy involved and they want you to give up friends. This includes significant others or friends that don’t want you to have other friends

  4. Pajama Party 39 says:

    Spot on. Most people actually only have a handful of true friends. Sometimes it seems like extroverts have more but often times they are not as deep. I also would tell anyone watch out for jealousy whether from a romantic partner or a friend who is jealous of one’s friendships or accusatory.

  5. Keith Ainsley says:

    So true! Someone the other day was saying how many Facebook friends they have. Said no, you have acquaintances. Facebook has cheapened the meaning of the word friend.

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