Don’t Worry About Who Does or Doesn’t Like You

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Why? Because liking of any person or thing is always subjective, and no two people have the exact likes, dislikes, tastes, or opinions. Know that there will always be those who do not like you and be okay with it because it bears no reflection on you. We all move in different circles and directions.

It’s just how life works and how we were made.

Continue to love and embrace yourself as the person God created you to be. Continue to enjoy the friends and loved ones you do have and never mind the people you don’t have. They aren’t important.

Embrace your differences because no two people are the same. Accept every flaw and quirk you have. Accept no one’s ignorant, cookie-cutter version of what you should be. You are enough!

Imagine how utterly and downright boring life would be if we were all the same. Imagine a world full of white people, black people, or Hispanics- a world full of people with blonde hair and blue eyes or dark hair and dark eyes- a world full of skinny people…or overweight people- or if everyone had the same tastes opinions or beliefs!

It would be like living in a town where all diners were pizza parlors and served pizza but nothing else. Yuck! I love pizza, but I wouldn’t want to eat that every day!

So love being different. Know that there are people who love you and are begging to spend time with you. And above all else, know that God loves you. You will be alright.

0 thoughts on “Don’t Worry About Who Does or Doesn’t Like You

  1. foguth says:

    Since college, my philosophy is to be myself – if someone else likes me, great, if they don’t no problem – they can move along. Perhaps it is just me, but I think it is a great perspective. For certain, thus far it has given me an adventurous and happy life.

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re absolutely right, Jeanne. 💯 It’s a darn good perspective to have and it does give you a happier life! It’s my attitude too, if someone doesn’t like me, they can keep walking. Thank you so much for your thoughts! ❤

  2. Susan St.Pierre says:

    A superb message, Cherie!
    I would add, “And, never expect to understand everyone. You don’t need to. Someone else will understand those others. Being kind has nothing to do with understanding. It’s an expression of who you are.”

  3. rebecca s revels says:

    Truth! I decided not long ago that I really needed to stop trying to be a people pleaser and just be me. It was obvious that my people pleasing skills were lacking anyway so might as well really set them off 😉 Funny thing though. The closest town to where I live, has I think four pizza places. This town is small by the way. There are other places, but why they thought we needed so much pizza is beyond understanding.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I’m proud of you, Rebecca. And I’m willing to bet that the people who used and bullied you really took notice when you finally stopped caring and they didn’t like it. And WOW! Four pizza places! Sounds like that town had a pizza fetish! 😆

  4. vacationpending says:

    Was definitely a people pleaser growing up but that’s something I’m stepping away from now. Also limiting my use of social media has helped me from comparing to others too much

    • cheriewhite says:

      I’m so proud of you. When we’re kids, we’re often subconsciously taught to do whatever we can to win the approval or others. However, we find out later in life that it’s what can make us victims if we aren’t careful. I’m happy that you’re now living life on your terms and focusing on yourself more. You deserve to live in peace.

  5. goodvibes40 says:

    I am overposting I know today, but I haven’t read your great blog in a while so forgive all the comments. This is the hardest thing to learn. Some people will love you no matter what you do, some will not. Their perception good or bad, doesn’t mean the next person feels the same and that is a hard thing growing up because we all want to be liked whether we admit it or not.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I completely understand and I welcome your comments. I’m getting ready to start cleaning and cooking shortly so if I disappear for a while, I’ll always come back to the blog and read/respond to your comments. And you’re right, it’s a human desire to be liked. It’s how we’re wired. 💯❤

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