When Bullies Talk in Code Around Their Targets

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bullies talk in code

I remember sitting in class one morning and overhearing my bullies and others degrade and threaten a girl named “Jenny”, someone I had never met but who was, according to the talkers, in our age group.

She didn’t go to our school, so I figured she was a girl they knew who went to a different school.

They would call Jenny the foulest of names and tell each other aloud what they would love to do to her, and what they would do if they didn’t think they’d be held accountable.

As I listened to their conversation, I began to feel bad for this poor mystery girl.

Certain classmates would say things like,

“Jenny is so fake!”
“Jenny is such a little whore!”
“That Jenny is such a disgusting skank! I want so badly just to kill her!”
“If I thought I wouldn’t go to jail, I’d cut her throat and leave her in a ditch to die! She doesn’t deserve to breathe!”
“I’d cut her heart out and feed it to her!”
“Maybe we should put arsenic in her lunch; maybe we could do it like that!”

These kids were making very detailed comments which were nothing short of sick and demented, and it frightened me for this Jenny girl. My first instinct was to find out who she was and warn her about those monsters!

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Much to my horror, I later learned from another source that this girl, Jenny, was really me they were discussing, and it shook me to my very core!

“Jenny” was only a code name. It was one thing to have others dislike you and not want to be around you, but, in my young mind, it was worse to think they wanted me dead.

This would be terrifying to anyone, more so to a teenage girl. Fortunately, I changed schools shortly after, and things took a complete turn for the better.

Know that bullies are slick and sometimes, they will talk in code if their target is anywhere nearby. If you hear anyone talking that way about not only you but anyone, avoid them and keep as far away from them as you can, if possible. Because if they’d talk about another human being this way, it goes to show that their minds are not in a good place.

Understand that when you avoid harmful and hurtful people, it is not because you are “chicken,” but because you are smart enough to avoid drama and negativity.
Sadly, when you are the object of bullies, the only person you have in your corner is you!

If you don’t take care of yourself, no one will! Therefore, it is up to you to do whatever it is that you have to do (within legal limits, of course) to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

0 thoughts on “When Bullies Talk in Code Around Their Targets

  1. rebecca s revels says:

    I agree that it is best to stay as far away as possible. It has become so very dangerous for people now, especially youth as they tend to be more trusting. Sadly, too many young people are ending up fatalities due to the bullies having no fear.

  2. Tonya LaLonde says:

    I am not sure it is a good thing, but I was a bully’s bully. Yhr bullies would pick on the weak girl and I would defend them and usually ended up fighting if it came to it but most of thr time it didn’t. I was like a bodyguard for the weak because I was strong and felt like everyone should be treated with respect. I would have defended you. Now, you are so good to speak out to help others who may be going through thay unfair, evil garbage no one should go through. My son was bullied and I homeschool him to this day and stood my ground against my husband who also bullied him. Now he is a buff, strong young man who sticks up for the weak also. It is hell to go through but praise Vod is can be used to help peopleand I am so impressed with your empathy and understanding and courage. ❤❤

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