Would You Want to Be a Boss or a Leader?

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There is a huge difference between a boss and a leader. I have had several bosses but not that many true leaders. Here is the difference between the two.

A boss is a demanding blowhard. He/She is bent on power and loves to lord it over the subordinates. He expects them to bow down. He is a bully and uses intimidation, threats, and force to get his employees to do what he wants.

She has to literally make her subordinates carry out her wishes because although they would never tell her, the subordinates secretly do not respect her and naturally resist her demands.

A Leader is sincere and is a team player. He works with subordinates to get the job done and get it done correctly. He is never a show-off and doesn’t toot his/her own horn.

She treats her subordinates with respect because she knows that she must treat them with respect and kindness to get the cooperation she needs.

A Boss browbeats and degrades his workers when they make a mistake. He’s arrogant and lets his position go to his head.

A Leader is down to earth. He addresses the employee who made the error yet gives that person positive reinforcement or constructive criticism. He gets his point across simply by having a great attitude toward his workers and being calm and level-headed. A leader refers to his subordinates as “people I work with.” Notice the word “with.”

A Leader will work with you. A Boss will make sure the whole company knows that he is “over” you.

A Leader is strong, competent, and has impeccable people skills.

A Boss is a weak windbag and bumbling idiot who has to trumpet his own importance and authority to get others to notice, and it often has an undesired outcome.

A Leader will roll up his sleeves and help his people when a task is overwhelming. He doesn’t mind hard work. He will help you out when you’re having difficulty completing a task, and he will work just as hard as you to help you finish the job.

A Boss is useless and lazy. He will only stand over you like a slave master, barking orders and watching you struggle. And he will do it complete with arms folded across the chest, legs wide apart, and a sour look or smirk on the face. He may even secretly take pleasure in seeing the subordinates struggle.

People are drawn to leaders, enjoy working with them, and love them. On the other hand, people despise bosses and will cross a busy street if necessary, to avoid them.

People are also more than happy to do what the leader wants because they always make them feel valued. The leader naturally has others eating out of his hand with minimal effort. In contrast, the boss only gets resistance from others, and people will do the exact opposite of what he wants because the boss makes people feel low and taken advantage of.

A boss isn’t even an afterthought to others, but a leader is unforgettable. A boss is a schmuck! A leader is a champion!

Bosses come a dime a dozen, but Leaders are very few and far between.

Anybody can be a boss, but it takes an exceptional individual to be a leader.

So, which would you prefer to work for? A boss or a leader? Better yet, which would you rather be? A boss or a leader?

0 thoughts on “Would You Want to Be a Boss or a Leader?

  1. Herb says:

    A lot of big companies encoureage “Management” over “Leadership” because it’s easier to maintain control than encouraging leadership.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve worked for both and I can tell you that there’s a huge difference in the way you feel when they’re around. Bosses are toxic and tear you down, Leaders are healthy and they inspire you to be better than what you are. The bosses I’ve worked for make me appreciate the leaders when I was lucky enough to get to work for them. I pray that you get the experience of working for a leader because there’s nothing better. Leaders inspire youbto love the job you’re in and to enjoy working for them. And that’s such a blessing!

  2. KT Workman says:

    In my career days, I had, at different times, both bosses and leaders. I respected my leaders, and worked hard for them. I also worked hard for my bosses because that’s the way I was raised, but had no respect for them. I have also served in supervisory positions, and was a leader, not a boss. It wasn’t/isn’t in my nature to be a boss.

  3. cctechm777 says:

    Greetings, first I want to thank you for liking two of my postings, and following me.
    I’ve return the blessing.
    This article is spot on! I’ve experienced this type of narcissistic behavior, because that is what it is all about. Those that practise the “boss” agenda, are those that can never be trusted, and have and will use any type of manipulative maneuver’s to obtain their goals, and many times it will be criminal.
    I grew up with many abuses within my family, which also influenced many of my choices in life, but once I realized I could allow it any longer, I stood my ground, quite many jobs, and ended up being self-employed most of my adult life.
    Thank you for making this known to the public so more people may recognize this type of bullying tactic’s which do exist in every level of life.

    Here is my testimony of what my life was like:

    This attitude of bullying, and the narcissistic ego, is prevalent even within the so-called Christian religious system, of which I in my blog do warn true believer’s to be aware of, and stay away from, and even depart from.

    Thank you, I shall look forward to reading your other postings.
    All the best, and may the Lord bless you.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I love your comment and you were spot on with so many points here. You’re so correct with the narcissistic personality traits! I will definitely read your post! Thank you for your comment and for the link! They are so appreciated and I love reading about people’s testimonies and their experiences! <3

  4. cctechm777 says:

    My pleasure, it’s all about sharing the truth, and the difficult trials it took for us to learn to be able to teach and reach out to other’s concerning it!

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