Why Bullies Usually End Up Eating Their Own

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Bullies want to have a target or a victim. In fact, they need targets. To feel almighty and powerful, bullies must have people to dominate and subjugate. And having power over is extremely addictive to them. It’s like a drug. It’s why bullies repeatedly bully their targets over a a long period of time, years even. Because that “drug” wears off rather quickly and it won’t be long before your bullies come back for their next “fix.”

However, what happens when you finally realize who your bullies really are behind the tough facades, they put up? What happens when the masks fall off, and your bullies’ cowardice and insecurity come to light? Oooo! This is beginning to sound delicious, isn’t it?

Here’s what happens. Once the target sees these revelations, his confidence will get a big boost. The target will realize that she isn’t and never was the one with the issues. In this, he will find that it was the bullies who had the issues all along. Then, the target will finally have the courage to give the bullies the old proverbial middle finger and tell them all to go eat a fat one.

Moreover, the power dynamic will take a sudden shift and the scales will automatically tip in the target’s favor. In other words, the person will be a target no more. Remember that the best way to disempower bullies is to empower targets.

Because, once the target ceases to be a target, bullies no longer have power over him. Therefore, the bullies must go search for another target.

The Sudden Power Shift

When these bullies spot several potential targets, they’ll test the waters by performing several tests on these “potentials.” They will test these potential targets by watching them closely and launching subtle attacks and insults just to see how they react. But! What will the bullies do next, when things don’t go quite the way they expect? What happens when the potentials also give them the double middle finger?

Uh-oh, now they can’t find someone they can target! Curses! Now, what’s a poor bully to do? Simple. They begin eating their own. In other words, they turn on a member of their in-group.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! Once the bullying in-group runs out of targets on the outside, they have no choice but to turn their bullying inward and start bullying people within their group.

Remember that bullies need a target victim. They need someone to dominate and subjugate to have power because they can’t get power any other way. Without someone to ride roughshod over, to tell what to do, and to exert control over, bullies feel powerless. And you know what? They are!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

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  1. Stella Reddy says:

    Great post, thank you! It is true, as I feel this shift now in my own situation.

    Yes, Bullies always need a target and will try anything to ensure that you stay one, by stalking your personal life online and sharing nasty speculations on what it means on a NEW website in your name, hoping to SHAME you into silence once again.

    I spent the past couple of years educating myself and now feel more secure. I have my mental strength back!

    My Adult Bullies have seen this shift and don’t like it, so they decide to make a NEW website where they once again try to “expose” something “bad” that they claim I do. I now have 2 websites in my personal name, filled with speculations and outright lies, trying to sic people at me for their allegations. So now there is 5 websites online filled with my name and personal info, put there by Tenants from a job I had. It’s been almost 6 years now, time for it to end.

    I recently learned their online antics have reached the criminal stage. so I am working with the authorities over my situation. The changes I was waiting for came through too in the Criminal Code and I can now go after my Bullies in the Criminal Court System. It will take time, but I don’t mind that. The more time it takes, the better details they will get out of it, and I will finally get peace from those sites. In time, all this will end and I won’t have to worry about websites made in my name by strangers ever again.

    Thank you Cherie, for helping me gain my strength back to continue my fight for freedom from being Bullied! I am forever grateful to you!

    • cheriewhite says:

      I’m so sorry this is happening to you, Stella! It only goes to prove how desperate they are! And boy! You’re sure giving them a run for their money, aren’t you? 🤣😂🤣😂 You go, girl! I hope you charge them both with criminal behavior and they get what’s coming to them! They need to answer for their evil deeds! Love you bunches! 😍

  2. Celt Peadar says:

    From what you write here, it sounds like the bullies are ADDICTED to bullying! And they are just as much the victims as their targets. Intersting point of view.

      • mosckerr says:

        Torah Commandments as opposed by Torah Common Law.

        What fundamentally separates and distinguishes Torah commandments from Torah as law/halachot? A similar question separates קידושין from Civil marriages. A Torah commandment does not qualify as law. Law learns by way of bringing comparative precedents, משנה תורה. This comparison by way of similar precedents defines Torah Law: המשפט המקובל – otherwise known as Common law. המשפט המקובל stands separate and apart from simple Torah commandments.

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        All Torah commandments stand upon a mussar יסוד. This יסוד defines all T’NaCH prophecy. Neither JeZeus or Mohammad understood — their followers how much more so — this most basic fundamental. The apostle Paul for example: proclaimed that Goyim have no obligation to obey the law. Common law or Roman Statute-law he failed to differentiate; a day and night distinction separates the two. Consequently this failure to discern the basic fundamentals of Torah faith, relegates all his letters to gross religious rants, nothing more than rhetoric propaganda.

        None of the new testament writers, nor the koran “dictation by an Angel”, teaches Torah faith – המשפט המקובל\משנה תורה. Consequently both this and that define the worship of avodah zarah, the belief in foreign alien Gods. Gods totally unknown by the Avot and Moshe.

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        Torah Law rejects cults of personality. Because these authorities the vast majority of Observant Jews learn and respect, like my mother used to say to me as a child … “If Joe jumps off the roof and breaks his leg, does that mean that you too should jump of the roof and break your leg?” The negative commandment not to pursue or follow the customs of people who reject the Torah revelation – this Case – has a rule: the 2nd Commandment of the Torah revelation @ Sinai. Torah common law/משנה תורה\המשפט המקובל — Torah law/RULE judges all the 613 commandments/CASES.

        Herein separates and distinguishes Torah commandments: CASES from Torah law: משנה תורה/המשפט המקובל – RULE. All Torah law bases itself upon a common law system of reaching a din/conclusion by means of similar precedents. Roman Statute Law, the law practiced by the 3 famous Codifications of Halachah questioned, these latter codes base their legal rulings NOT upon common law Jewish logic but rather Roman statute law Greek logic. Therefore these codes of Halachah exist, in my opinion, on the exact same plane of tumah as an idol that people bow down and worship as JeZeus. The latter foreign God, too worshiped as a Cult of Personality – a direct violation of Torah Law.

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