Anytime I Meet a New Person…

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I no longer wonder if they’ll like me, I wonder if I’m going to like them.

I wonder if they’re the right person to bring into my life.

I wonder if we’ll have anything in common or if we’ll share any of the same hobbies.

I wonder what their attitude is and how their parents raised them.

I wonder about their mental health and outlook on life.

Are they an optimist or pessimist?

Are they ambitious?

Are they loving and caring?

Do they know who they are?

Do they know what they want and where they’re going?

Do they have their priorities in order?

Are they petty gossips, or are they the kind who don’t have time for such nonsense?

Do they love or loathe themselves?

Are their families decent, respectable, and upstanding people?

Do they have frequent run-ins with the law?

Do they have an alcohol or drug problem?


Oh yes! I take all of it into consideration when I meet someone. This is not to say that I judge them because I judge no one. However, I am particular of who I keep company with for reasons of safety and self-preservation.

For example, if you met someone, then found out later that they did time for rape, robbery, or murder, wouldn’t you be cautious of that person? Would you want them around you or your loved ones?

However, when I was young, I wondered if they were going to like me. I didn’t realize how unhealthy that is.

Understand that anytime you worry needlessly, whether others like you, you’re more likely to be so desperate for approval that you’ll take people at face value. And that’s not good because you’ll end up inviting the wrong kinds of people into your life!

I want you to realize that there’s a difference in judging people and being selective of the company you keep.

So, don’t be so quick to invite into your world everyone you meet.
Don’t judge, but do be selective!

0 thoughts on “Anytime I Meet a New Person…

  1. curvycrazychick says:

    Yes, be cautious, people can also wear masks for a long time and be selective with what they tell you about themselves, some even outright lie about themselves and their pasts, beware the psychopath!! (I read surrounded by psychopaths recently 😂) x

  2. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Girl Cherie, your last sentences sums it up:
    “So, don’t be so quick to invite into your world everyone you meet. Don’t judge, but do be selective!”

    Yep girlfriend, you gotta be cautious and that means being aware and sensitive to your surroundings. 🤔 Read the room as they say. Have a beautiful day sweetie! <3 ☺️ 💐

  3. Greg Dennison says:

    I used to pretty much add on Facebook and Instagram everyone I would meet, in a desperate attempt to want to make friends. These days I rarely add new people, because I realized that much of my social life is running with people who have very different views and lifestyles from me beyond the one common interest we have, and many of the aforementioned people have gotten themselves unfollowed, particularly ones who aren’t really part of my social circle anymore. (I can’t really bring myself to delete them completely, I just hate thinking of acquaintanceship and friendship as expendable like that… but that’s probably a separate issue…)

  4. Infinite Living says:

    So wisely said! Living for approval is a cage of a kind. Living with questions for what it would create to have the choice to allow someone in our life, to give our time – that is freedom!

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