5 Things You Can Do to Uplift Your Spirits

Even the happiest of people have days when they feel down in the dumps. Fortunately, there are things you can do to remedy your situation and chase those doldrums away!

1. Listen to good music – There’s nothing that cures your ills like boogying down to some good dance music or rocking out to the sounds of your favorite rock bands. There something about music that makes us come alive and want to get up and move! So, put on some good tunes and shake your butt!

 2. Go for a walk – Going on a good nature walk on a beautiful Spring day lifts the spirits and feels so good. Walking is also one of the best exercises there is, so, there are physical health benefits to it as well.

 3. Indulge in your hobbies – working on and completing your hobbies brings out your creative side and gives you the feeling of success and accomplishment. It gives you pride in yourself and in your abilities. And who doesn’t love that?

 4. Surround yourself with your favorite people – Being around the people you love, who love you, and who lift you up feeds your soul like nothing else. When you get together with your loved ones, you know you belong, and you get that much needed sense of belonging and togetherness.

 5. Fix yourself up – As the old saying goes, when you look good, you feel good. When you take pride in your appearance, it shows. Looking your best has a way of building your confidence and your self-esteem. And it also has a way of spreading to others.

The good thing as that you have options. Do any one of these things and watch your mood skyrocket in just minutes. You’ll be glad you did. I promise!

With knowledge comes empowerment!

0 thoughts on “5 Things You Can Do to Uplift Your Spirits

  1. dharkanein says:

    In addition to these I do two mire things, firstly, I take a shower and most importantly I sip my Coffee, for I believe if coffee can’t fix it, the problem is really serious.

  2. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Great advice Cherie! 👏🏼 Motivational and doable tips. 👍🏽 A nice relaxing bath with a cup of tea (or Moscato whichever comes first) is a good reviver for me. Thanks so much for your uplifting message my dear! Have a wonderful day!!! 🌞🥂🤗☕🤩

  3. CareTrain says:

    I love this post and agree with all of these I would like to add a few and agree with a few things here.

    1) Music is very important. It doesn’t matter what type of music one prefers, it comes down to what type of music makes you feel happy, gets the blood pumping, makes you feel like a warrior. There is a place for music that makes you feel solemn. We all need that too but I think when you are trying to lift your spirits it has do be something that gives you that adrenaline rush.

    2) Friends and people you enjoy talking to and hanging with is so important and it is something I way too often fall short of. I don’t always do a good job of keeping up with my friends or I will get busy and kind of blow them off or keep my conversations too short. This is what I have learned and I think this was discussed on another one of your posts. We need to tell the people we care about how we feel about them, what they mean to us, etc. We need have that heartfelt, fun, warm honest conversation and I really think it can help with the friendship AND we must make time. I don’t do that well. Also we need to make sure we are in healthy friendships and relationships. If our significant other stays jealous or tries to keep us hidden that is a red flag. So many of us are jealous of opposite sex friendships etc. Obviously lines shouldn’t be crossed of course but you should not have to give up long-term friendships because your partner can’t handle it. Sometimes are significant others even have a problem with SAME SEX friendships because they feel that is taking time away from them. It is ridiculous, we all need people from all walks of life and not just the person we are with in our lives.

    3) Exercise is vital. It is good for not only our physical health but our mental health as well and I actually enjoy walking alone most of the time and just gathered in my thoughts.

    4) This one may seem strange but I call it Bathing Suit Confidence. I love wearing short shorts or a bathing suit and I have had people compliment me in it. It is tough sometimes to have that confidence but find a flattering suit and strut around like you own the place. It will really build confidence even if you are shy the first few times

    Let me move my other thoughts to another post so this doesn’t go on and on.

    • cheriewhite says:

      I love your comment amd I agree with every point you made here! As long as you like the music and it feels you feel like jumping up and gettin’ down, that’s all that matters! And I love the Bathing Suit confidence you speak of! I’m filing this one away in my mental filing cabinet! 💖😊🤗

  4. CareTrain says:

    Okay Part II. Thanks everyone.

    5) Going back to music or books or other hobbies, ask your friends for recommendations. For instance if you like a certain type of music, find one of your friends to recommend you some music from that genre you may not be familiar with and do the research and check them out. The same thing with books or other hobbies. You may discover something new and it will make you feel great and your friends too!

    6) Find humor in things. Yes, we all need to be serious at times but find humor in as much as you can. It is good to laugh and don’t be afraid to look back at your own experiences, clumsiness, quirks, etc and instead of beating yourself up over it, laugh at how much you have grown and learned.

    7) Don’t get consumed with anything. There is nothing wrong with hard work, but a job is a job. Limit your hours to something reasonable. Don’t stay in a state of anger. Recognize not everyone is going to agree with your views on life, political viewpoints, favorite sports team, etc. Respect the right they have a reason for their beliefs possibly based on their life and their life may be different than yours. In other words, don’t get consumed by anything. Enjoy your life, work hard, but play hard and surround yourself with positivity.

    8) Do something charitable. Sitting at home never doing anything for others isn’t good for any of us. It is fine to be a homebody but we should get out of the house do some charity work, help a friend, donate some money, just do something nice for other people. It will lift our spirits helping others.

    9) Use Social Media for positivity. There is a bunch of mean junk on the internet. Don’t be that. Post funny things, uplifting things, happy things, check on your friends through Social Media sometimes as well as other ways. Watch your words. Don’t get bullied of course but also pick your battles. I have never gotten something removed from Social Media simply because I try not to offend others or pick fights and it keeps me better spirited.

    10) Learn to schedule. I find when I have a set amount of time I am going to work on something, exercise, etc that I keep in good spirits.

    11) Take people out of your life who make you feel bad on a regular basis. This one is hard but it can even mean family members. If someone makes you feel bad about yourself keep them at a far distance. You will lift your own spirit.

  5. euroktoo says:

    Awesome suggestions. Could I add stay connected? I live North and my bestie, galpal and confidente live at least 6000km away. I am blessed with reliable Internet that avails me to stay connected to those important people who do indeed lift me up and feed my soul like nothing else on the planet! Great blog, Cherie! Thank you, Kim

  6. Keys says:

    listening to good music and taking a walk, the first two things on your list, is my go-to whenever I am feeling down. Bobbing my head to funky beats and breathing in the fresh air can really do wonders to my mood

  7. Selfless says:

    It’s so awesome when you are listening to your favourite singer who is describing the same feelings as yours except that he is also telling you where are you going wrong in underestimating yourself!!
    Thanks for bringing the same thing I feel in your blog

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