Bullying and The Insanity of “Wokism”

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So many times, I’ve heard people on the far left say things such as- “Intentions behind saying or doing something don’t matter. All that matters is that you did it or you said it and someone’s feelings were hurt. So, you should still be held accountable for hurting that person’s feelings.”

Though I understand it if you’re being bullied, and, if you are, then yes, you absolutely should be offended because bullying behavior IS intentional harm. It is something you should address quickly. However, if it’s unintentional and the person has the guts to apologize, why not accept the apology and move on?

In this major talking point, what the Radical Left is really saying is that we should be responsible for everyone else’s feelings and, therefore, handle others with kid gloves.

They’re saying that we should, in essence, walk on eggshells around other people and do it consistently.

They are saying that there’s no room for being a fallible human being, even though we all are by nature.

They’re also saying that any apology for an accidental offense won’t suffice, and that forgiveness is out of the question.

That still, you must pay a huge price regardless of your “intentions” and regardless of whether you’re remorseful for the perceived slight.

This kind of dichotomous thinking blows me away because, not only is it delusional, but downright ludicrous!

There have been times when I’ve accidentally ran into people in the supermarket on or the street, would it have made any difference if I’d run into them deliberately?

I’ve had other drivers accidentally pull out in front of me, does it mean that they did it on purpose and should be punished for it? No. Sure, it was aggravating, and, in the privacy of my car, I may have shouted, “Hey! Watch it, you idiot!” But I didn’t want to get even with the person, and I never thought that this person should be punished for it. Accidents happen. People make mistakes.

I accidentally dropped my oldest son when he was a toddler, but does that necessarily make me a terrible mother? Would it make any difference if I told you that I was sorry for it and that it scared me so bad that I took him to the ER just to make sure he was okay?

I see right through this nonsense. And one thing I know all too well is that bullies are the types who get the most offended about the tiniest and most insignificant of things. Bullies are the very people who subscribe to this kind of tripe because they’re the type who love to make any error someone makes ten times bigger than what it is. Even worse, bullies constantly search, and search high and low, for anything…anything to blow up, be offended about, nitpick, and make out to be an unforgivable sin that you should be given a death sentence for.

They will pick apart even the tiniest infraction regardless of whether it was intentional.

This is a form of bullying, in and of itself. And the “intentions-don’t-matter” bologna only serves to give bullies the excuse they’re looking for.

I spent enough years tippy toing around bullies and I’ll be damned if I ever again walk on eggshells around anyone! Sorry, Lefties. Getting your feelings hurt is a part of life and the sooner you accept it, the better off you’ll be. I no longer care even the slightest what others think of me. Most of the people who think less of me never meant much to me in the first place.

And unless you’re on the autism spectrum or you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury (which are things that can’t be helped), you can usually tell whether an offense was intentional or unintentional because you can sense these things. You can feel the vibrations coming off the offending person. And I’ve had people, even friends, accidentally say something that hit me in my heart. But I knew that they didn’t mean anything by it. Also, they usually apologized for it. Even better, I graciously accepted their apology.

Let’s face it, sometimes words just don’t come out right and innocent actions can have adverse reactions.

Again, that’s life, and life happens.

I still get my feelings hurt from time to time, even now. Do you know what I do about it? I brush myself off and I move on. And if it’s intentional, I quickly put the person in their place with as few words as possible, then I walk away and let it go. I don’t go out of my way to get back at the person. I flat refuse to allow a few assholes to ruin my day- I won’t give them that kind of power over my life.

And the fact that people can proclaim that there isn’t a difference between intentionally and accidentally harming another person, and still manage to keep a straight face, only goes to show that they have serious mental health issues which have for too long gone unaddressed, even denied.

Wokism is, in and of itself, a mental illness. There is a purpose behind their loud trumpeting of such nonsense. And that purpose is so they can have a reason to bully others. In short, it’s all a form of mass manipulation.

We’re all human and we make unintentional mistakes, and one of those mistakes is that sometimes we say and do the wrong thing merely by accident. The Left knows this, so they spread this paranoid nonsense to justify their bullying of others, even of their own.

And if we allow ourselves to fall for their crap, we’re doomed not only as a country, but also as the human race. The truth remains that nobody is responsible for your feelings but you. If a person intentionally harms you, you have two choices, either you can give away your power by staying angry, carrying a grudge, seeking revenge on the person who offended you and making yourself even more miserable. Or you can decide just to tell them what you think, drop that person and deny them any more power over you by letting them go.

And if the person accidentally offends you, you can either accept their apology and live a happier life knowing that they realized their mistake, had the guts to admit it, and apologized, or you can choose not to accept their apology, hold grudges, and stay miserable by dragging a bunch of toxic baggage around for the rest of your life. The choice is yours.

0 thoughts on “Bullying and The Insanity of “Wokism”

  1. janetgzinn says:

    I am left leaning, and I do believe in the power of forgiveness. As long as the person learns from their mistakes, then we all get to mov forward and grow. Wokeism can be its own form of bullying.

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re absolutely right, Janet. And know that I respect that. It’s the far radical left who are the bullies and who spout such nonsense. And sadly, moderates like yourself risk being bullied by the far radicals. I’m an independent so I’m dead center. 🙂

  2. 80smetalman says:

    It is bad both ways. The far right will tell you you’re being woke even when you’re not to try to manipulate you to their ways of thinking.

  3. Dawn Pisturino says:

    You said it, Cherie! “Wokism” is mental illness. These people are deeply flawed and ill themselves, but blame others. But what’s even worse is letting these sick people have so much control over our society. And that’s OUR FAULT. If everybody stood up to this nonsense, it would quickly disappear.

  4. Ruth Muyskens says:

    You are right. I get so tired of walking on eggshells because people take offense at every little thing. I am not for the far right or left but this has gone too far left and to far period in our country.

  5. Ari says:

    In the end, we learn from mistakes and lashing out at people who have made an accidental mistake will more likely alienate them, make them feel angry or upset. Some of us are very sensitive and if we find out we upset, hurt or offended someone by accident, we are already punishing ourselves more than anyone else could. To have others bear down on you refusing to accept an apology or that the person learned is terrifying.

    Even the intentional can be forgiven. There have been ex gang members who have changed their ways, changed their views, ex convicts who have turned their lives around. These people have then helped to rehabilitate others in those lifestyles, children who were going down those paths.

    Where they bad for what they did and said at that time? Completely, but if people are willing to learn, to change, to become better people surely we should be willing to listen.

    So the idea that an accidental incident and apology is unaccepted makes me sad. Punishing people for simple slips will drive more people to suffering from excessive guilt, depression, anxiety and may even push those vulnerable to taking their own lives. These may seem extreme… but still, in my eyes, very possible.

    Especially in this time of social media where groups of unknown, faceless people can jump on the bandwagon of someone and tear into them.

    • cheriewhite says:

      You said it all right there, Ari! And you made a couple of bombshell points here:

      “Some of us are very sensitive and if we find out we upset, hurt or offended someone by accident, we are already punishing ourselves more than anyone else could.” – You nailed it!

      “Even the intentional can be forgiven. There have been ex gang members who have changed their ways, changed their views, ex convicts who have turned their lives around. These people have then helped to rehabilitate others in those lifestyles, children who were going down those paths.” – This is so spot on!

      Thank you so much for your comment! You don’t know how much it’s appreciated. <3

  6. Max says:

    With all due respect ma’am why do you mention the far left repeatedly when the far right do the EXACT same thing? As I read through other posts you constantly mention the far left but give the far right a pass. That isn’t a down the middle independent moderate. You are going to lose readers if your political bias doesn’t stop showing. Not trying to offend but I shake my head when people claim they are independent moderates yet not one comment or post ever attacks the far right.

    • cheriewhite says:

      You’re right, there are far radicals on both sides and I stay way away from both. And yes, the far right have done some atrocious things in the past. But today, the far left are the culprits. If the far right does anything that harms people, I’ll call them out too. I don’t play favorites. I call it like it is.

  7. fabricthatmademe says:

    I love this post! My favorite yet! My Dad would say often to us kids… “You know what happens when you’re offended?… Nothing. Get over yourself.” I understood early on that I needed to find my strength and worth within myself, not from outside myself. The world and people could be harsh. If I was going to spend my time with hurt feelings, I wouldn’t get to far. Great post!

  8. Vrye says:

    100%. Thank you for putting this into intelligent and well thought out words. It needs to be said over and over. Well done.

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