Bullying and Rising Rates of Antisemitism

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The Jewish people and other minorities have been bullied worldwide, down through history, as have women. They’ve been intimidated by individuals, groups, corporations, schools, communities, and governments!

Recently, there has been an uptick of antisemitism from individuals, interest groups, certain celebrities, even government officials, such as Ilhan Omar and several others! They have also been attacked right here in America by Radical and Extremist Groups.

Understand that antisemitism, racism, and sexism are all forms of bullying because there is a clear-cut power imbalance. The evil committed against the Jewish people has been repetitious for so long!

People may disagree with me and may even get angry. But it is what it is, and I’m not going to hide it nor sugarcoat it.

Most bullies are bigots and racists because bullies are known to have hatred for anyone different from them in any way, although most of them would never admit it for fear of losing face. However, bullies must always have a target to degrade.

So, they prefer to bully someone safer to bully and not as legally protected, such as a person on the autism spectrum, who’s mentally ill, or an older person.

Understand that bullies despise differences from them in any way, and you can bet that most bullies are only closet racists and sexists. Still, because they choose to go the “lesser of two evils” route and be more politically correct to play it safe, they only bully those to whom they can do it and get away with it.

Understand that racism is wrong, no matter who it’s aimed at! Antisemitism is wrong! Hate is wrong!

Just because someone is different in race or skin color, in the religion they practice, or lives a different lifestyle, it gives no one the right to mistreat them!

Eliminate the hate!

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      • mosckerr says:

        Contrast Xmas with real Jewish tradition. Jewish Traditions totally alien to Xtians. Proof that Jesus son of Zeus and the religion which he spawned – have no (zero) Jewish roots. Honestly if Xtianity exists as a limb grafted onto the Jewish tree of life. And yet the fruits (by their fruits you shall know them) produced by Xtianity resulted in the systematic slaughter of 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years. Clearly this grafted branch produces totally different fruits than does the original donor Tree!

        מאי חנוכה? What is Hanukkah?

        Chag חנוכה celebrates the restoration of avodat HaShem within the Temple. Specifically where the Written Torah functions, so to speak, as the Menorah while the Oral Torah shines as the lights of חנוכה. The name of this Chag comes from חנוך\education. Talmud means learning. The restoration of avodat HaShem, relying solely upon the “lights” of the Oral Torah logic format to interpret the k’vanna of the Written Torah as the definition of avodat HaShem. Education quite often expressed through the logic format of משל\נמשל. The Talmud designates this Chag as the miracle of tohor Hanukkah oil by which the House of Aaron lights the lights of Hanukkah, within the Temple itself.

        The Torah centers upon the eternal responsibility to rule the oath sworn land with righteous justice, not offering sacrifices in a Grand Building made of wood and stone which the Goyim can burn down and utterly abolish. What causes the anguish and sorrow of the din of g’lut upon the House of Israel? When our Courts fail to serve HaShem and the People of the brit alliance, by protecting and maintaining the Torah obligation to impose fair compensation for damages; where an Israel damages another Israel’s person, property, or goods. Restoration of the original value and worth of cattle, land, or persons – damaged through either intention or neglect, defines the Torah command: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

        Righteous justice defines the k’vanna, purpose, and intent of Israel leaving Egyptian bondage, redeemed from oppressive slavery to rule the lands of Canaan through Lateral Common Law Courts; whose “diplomacy” shines, whenever Israel disputes with Israel over damages inflicted, and the Sages achieve justice through fair Courtroom decisions. The lighting of the lights of חנוכה dedicates the loyalty of Israel to honor the oath brit acceptance of the Torah at Sinai, specifically not to assimilate to the logic formats, foreign cultures and customs of the ancient Greeks – whose Courts gave but mere lip service to achieve righteous justice, and fair compensation for damages. Based upon the interpretation of the Torah negative commandment, not to follow after the ways of Egypt or Canaan. This Torah Commandment applies to all non Cohen societies logic formats, cultures and/or customs practiced by Goyim Courtrooms – whose Justices never accepted the Torah at Sinai.

        The חנוך\education dedicated by this Chag centers upon swearing 3 oath blessings on the 1st day of the Chag, and the 7 remaining days swearing 2 oath blessings. Yaacov swore to Yitzak: at the time when Yitzak blessed Yaacov as his Cohen first-born; Yaacov dedicated unto HaShem that he would command his children to this specific oath blessing avodat HaShem — swearing blessings, a Torah obligation inherited by all – O’lam Ha’bah born generations – born unto the future. Swearing blessings defines avodat HaShem, the k’vanna of dedicating korbanot upon the altar within the Mishkan\Tabernacle, this חנוך teaches the משל\נמשל learning sh’itta\technique.

        Swearing blessing resembles, yet differentiates itself from reading praises from Tehillem\Psalms. The Talmud defines “understanding” as the discipline whereby persons develop the skills by which they can discern and distinguish between like and like. Swearing blessings, shares the burden of direct responsibility which swearing oaths – obligates bnai brit allies to keep and maintain peace among their personal relationship together. A man never cut an oath brit of shalom with an enemy. The consequences of swearing oaths, the Gemara of Sanhedrin learns from the false oaths sworn by the generations of Adam in the days of Noach. Tohor Hanukkah oils function as a סוד\concealed kabbala of the interpretation of doing avodat HaShem while in a tohor condition; similar to the tefillen oath brit sworn at Sh’Cem which limits doing avodat HaShem – restricted to tohor spiritual conditions.

        The First Commandment of Sinai: I am HaShem who took you out of Egypt. This defining commandment defines all other Torah commandments; does Israel – judged in each and every generation – truly Moshiach themselves (translated as dedicate) to keep and do the Torah לשמה? The Torah and Talmud of the Sages defines avodat HaShem לשמה as the practice of social behavior practiced among and between bnai brit allies. How does a Jew behave toward other Jews? Does the heart within each and every Jew express tohor middot (translated as attributes) or tuma middot in their social interactions with one another?

        The Written Torah, at the revelation of the Oral Torah at Horev\Sinai reveals 13 tohor middot. Rabbinic literature, especially in both Talmud Midrashim and Siddur amplifies many other rabbinic tohor middot. Torah observant Jews, they dedicate their life walk before HaShem to express tohor middot in our social interactions within and among our bnai brit allied Cohen nation. The NaCH teaches many stories wherein Israel pursued after their tuma middot that “burned” (think tuma oils) within their hearts. Murder, rape, violence, theft, oppression, slander, betrayal, greed, evil eye etc — all these tuma middot express themselves likewise through social interactions and relationships.

        Tuma avoda zara employs as its signature style guilt trip methodologies. Fallen Man needs the messiah to save humanity from original sin. The long history of crude barbarism practiced by European imperialism testifies to the destructive criminal nature of permitting tuma middot; to burn tuma “oils” within the hearts of man kind.

        By the terms of a tohor, כרת precondition, the Torah threatens the oath alliance brit wherein HaShem swore – that the seed of the chosen Avram\Cohen would compare to the number of the stars of the Heavens. Avram who at the time of the brit sworn between the pieces – had no living children, not from Sara, the mother of Yitzak, nor from Hagar, the mother of Yishmael.

        The mitzva of קידושין\kiddushin (translated as: marriage)/ learns this identical Torah obligation whereby an Israel acquires a wife, based upon the pre-condition that the Baal (translated as husband), obligates himself to educate his future born children to do and heed the נעשה ומשמע Sinai oath responsibility; this most basic of Torah obligations defines the mitzva of קידושין, that a Torah observant Israel has to educate his House. The Torah mitzva of marriage, refers to a woman acquired through קידושין by the elevated term of: בית\house. This term בית, refers to the נמשל of a man who does קידושין with a woman, and thereby actively “acquires” her nefesh O’lam Ha’Bah soul – children born in the future from such a union. Just as women have no Torah obligation to bear children, in like manner the Torah does not obligate women to interpret the Written Torah by learning the Oral Torah, commonly known as the Talmud & Midrashim.

        Man has a Torah obligation to produce children. Women have no such Torah obligation. The interpretation of having children: the burden of responsibility to educate – these future born children – to keep the eternal obligation of righteous justice, the Sinai oath brit נעשה ונשמע, wherein Israel accepted the revelation of the Torah at both Sinai and Horev. נעשה – Israel accepts the opening first 2 Commandments of Sinai together with the 611 Commandments commanded by Moshe, who learned the k’vanna of the opening first two Commandments, based upon the revelation of the Oral Torah. And נשמע – that Israel would learn the halachot\rabbinic commandments based upon the exact same Oral Torah logic system which Moshe the prophet interpreted – the 611 Commandments.

        The חנוך/learning which Moshe the prophet initiated to learn the Torah revelation at Sinai, the rabbinic sages employ this precise/identical logic wisdom whereby the Talmud sages learn all rabbinic halachot – as codified within the Talmud. The full revelation of the Torah at Sinai and Horev, which the House of Israel originally demanded from Aaron, the Nasi of the Great Sanhedrin, during the disgrace of the Golden Calf.

        What marks a Great Sanhedrin from religious codifications of Halacha, like the Rambam’s Yad HaChazakah? The Sages rely upon Oral Torah logic to derive halachot woven together with Prophetic mussar commandments. The framers and final redactors of the Talmud defined the “loom” of Talmud & Midrashim – through its warp/weft halachic\aggadita relationship.

        Just as halacha shares a קידושין relationship with aggadita, the union of this בית produced Talmud and Midrashim; aggadita shares a קידושין relationship with prophetic mussar. Observance of ritual halachot, divorced from aggadita, prophet mussar p’shat – as defined through the kabbala of Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס Divine Chariot kabbalah. Contrasted this tohor against the absurd tumah avoda zara mythical virgin birth story – Jesus/Hercules son of Zeus; or the Apostle Paul’s declaration wherein he invalidated the mitzva of circumcision as a Torah commandment. Avoda zara boasts that it has replaced the brit obligation to keep the commandments of Torat Moshe, the sworn oath which Israel obligated all our future born generations through the mitzva of קידושין, to keep and listen, after Moshe descended Horev, the revelation of the Oral Torah.

        The mitzva of lighting the Hanukkah Oral Torah lights learns from: ראש השנה ג:ח
        והיה, כאשר ירים משה ידו–וגבר ישראל . . . (שמות יז:יא), וכי ידיו של משה עושות מלחמה או ידיו שוברות מלחמה: אלא כל זמן שהיו ישראל מסתכלין כלפי מעלן, ומכוונין את ליבם לאביהם שבשמיים–היו מתגברין; ואם לאו, היו נופלים. כיוצא בדבר אתה אומר “ויאמר ה’ אל משה, עשה לך שרף . . .” (במדבר כא:ח), וכי הנחש ממית ומחיה: אלא כל זמן שישראל מסתכלין כלפי מעלן, ומשעבדין את ליבם לאביהם שבשמיים–היו מתרפאין; ואם לאו, היו נימוקים. חירש שוטה וקטן, אין מוציאין את הרבים ידי חובתן. זה הכלל–כל שאינו חייב בדבר,
        אינו מוציא את הרבים ידי חובתן.

        Upon the recapture of the Temple from the Syrian Greeks and assimilated Tzeddukim Cohonim, the sages found only enough “tohor oil” to light the menorah lights for one day. The Talmud teaches through a משל\נמשל learning technique. The נמשל of tohor Hanukkah oil, the Oral Torah. The “oil” of the Oral Torah caused the menorah of the Written Torah to burn all 8 days of the Chag. Just as the raised hand of Moshe did not fight the war with Amelek, so too the Sages forbade to use the lights of Hanukkah for any purpose other than the menorah light itself.

        תענית ב:י
        Prohibits declaring a public fast day on the new month, on Hanukkah and on Purim. This ruling compares to ראש השנה ג:ח. It serves to separate and sanctify the k’vanna of the Yom Tov. The Mishna compares Hanukkah to the Yom Tov of Sukkot. As a person swears blessings over the 4 species all 7 days of that Chag, so too Hanukkah. Likewise the Gemara of Shabbot, which juxtaposes lighting the lights of Hanukkah to the oils permitted to light the Shabbat lights. Just as Shabbat candles separate and sanctify Shabbot – so too the lights of Hanukkah elevates this rabbinic mitzva unto a positive time oriented commandment from the Torah. Positive time oriented commandments from the Torah require k’vanna.

        Chag Hanukkah stands upon the יסוד kabbalah of מעשה בראשית. The ger tzeddek who emerges from the tohor waters of the mikveh, that person lives as a “new creation”. The morning da’avening opens with פסוקי דזמרה which learns from saying the הלל on the Yom Tov. Both this and that base themselves from the precedent established by the joy remembered and felt by our people, when we left the bondage of Egyptian slavery. The switch from slave to free person, from this great event – the Torah learns gere tzeddik\persons who convert and become Jews. The kabbalah of מעשה בראשית has the k’vanna to arouse the Will to do avodat HaShem with tremendous joy.

        Both on Hanukkah and Purim, Jews sing songs and give gifts to one another. Accomplishment of avodat HaShem, feeling depths of joy, this strong precedent serves to define the purpose and k’vanna of saying the פסוקי דזמרה prior to accepting the yoke of the kingdom as expressed through the דאורייתא mitzva of kre’a shma. All Torah mitzvot serve to define the k’vanna of acceptance of the 1st two Commandment revelations at Sinai, which the kre’a shma concludes with ONE.

        The mitzva to love HaShem, the k’vanna of kre’a shma, as defined through the repeated acceptance of the yoke of blessings\geulah and curses\g’lut of the Torah oath brit – include under this “Tabernacle Tent”, all the commandments, mitzvot, and halachot as ONE commandment. The whole of the Torah and Talmud function as ONE positive time oriented Commandment wherein Israel worships avodat HaShem לשמה. Herein defines how Israel obeys the first Commandment of Sinai, and its דאורייתא relationship to both Chag Hanukkah and Purim and lighting Shabbot candles.

        חנוכה Third Day.

        The Torah has 5 Books. בראשית, the Book of stories. The Shas Bavli replicates in resemblance the ratio of 4:1 weaving within the loom of פרדס halachah:aggaditah. The Gra taught that בראשית contains the whole of the Torah. Did he refer to Parshat בראשית or the Book of בראשית? The word בראשית holds a רמז gematria – words within words. ראש בית, ב’ ראשית, ברית אש. The Book בראשית resembles the sh’itta of stories within the Aggaditah. דרוש ופשט sanctify through קידושין, translated as marriage, the דרוש mussar of NaCH sanctified to the פשט stories told through aggaditah. This mussar פשט of the Aggaditah defines the k’vanna of all halachot learned within any given Mishna.

        This sh’itta of חנוך\education serves as the root of חנוכה; the expression of Rabbi Akiva’s פרדס kabbala. The warp and weft of the loom, פרדס ומעשה בראשית.

        This 2nd ancient kabbala serves as the יסוד by which the Prophets taught tefilla as organized by the swear oath blessings within the Shemone Esrei. This warp\weft kabbalot, whereas פרדס gives k’vanna to all the halachot within the Shas, מעשה בראשית takes the expression as joy. Joy learned from slaves becoming free men. The kabbalah “take” of מעשה בראשית, compares to birth of the first born Cohen child. Wow such Joy.

        Women enjoy a double portion, they did not participate in the disgrace of the Golden Calf. Women have positive and negative commandments.

        Rabbi Yechuda HaNasi teaches positive time oriented Commandments only an Torah obligation upon Men. The classic Reshon and even the B’hag’s organization of the 613 Commandments organized to include only positive and negative commandments. The Rambam’s Book of Commandments too lists Positive and negative commandments.

        Both the B’hag and the Rambam include tefilla as part of the תרי”ג commandments. Tefilla requires, as do all positive time oriented commandments – k’vanna.

        The warp\weft loom of פרדס opposed by מעשה בראשית weave a garment of k’vanna that through פרדס the דרוש of prophetic mussar through לשמה – טהור מידדות דאורייתא ודרבנן as the פשט k’vanna of the aggaditah. The study of tohor middot affixes a middah to a specific Parshah.

        The Shemone Esrei has 13 swear blessings as the revelation of the Oral Torah logic sh’iita has 13 tohor middot דאורייתא. This loom with its contrasting warp and weft kabbalah threads produces a tallit of “tzitzits” – remember all the commandments includes actively remembering the prophetic mussar commandments affixed by רמז וסוד to all the precedential (Jewish common law stands upon precedents) halachot employed by the sages within the Talmud, that these halachic precedents – they define the parameters to understand the intent of Rabbi Yechuda’s Mishna, on par with how the Prophetic mussar defines the substance of k’vanna which elevates all the halachot unto the sanctity of positive time oriented commandments from the Torah, which Talmudic scholars can affix all these halachot – together with their prophetic mussar k’vannot, as the intent and definition of the blessings within the Shemone Esrei.

  1. Kym Gordon Moore says:

    Bravo on this Cherie:
    “Understand that bullies despise differences from them in any way, and you can bet that most bullies are only closet racists and sexists.”
    “Just because someone is different in race or skin color, in the religion they practice, or lives a different lifestyle, it gives no one the right to mistreat them!”

    Well put, but I also find that some people who do this, try to not define themselves as this type of individual with this type of behavior. They have eyes, but they are blind. Those who impose such degradation start to get more slithery when the tables are suddenly turned on them. Payback is a “🤬”

  2. rts - Facing the Challenges of Mental Health says:

    Cherie, we have seen this type of anti-Semitism before. Back at the turn of the 20th century Jewish people migrated to America.
    It was horrible. Many had their homes and businesses vandalized. The founders of the 3 big movie studios changed their name because of the hatred towards the Jewish people.
    During WW2 it was the German people and then the Asian people who were hated.
    I truly feel racism is a sin!

  3. PeterQuiggins says:

    The politically correct subversion of our language has cowered our folk into submission: i.e
    “How can one selectively interpret the “noun suffix” ‘ist’ to mean “hate” when in fact.. It means “love”

    Cycl‘ists love to cycle!
    novel‘ists love to write!
    Pian‘ists love to play music!

    So! ..
    Rac’ists.. “love”..“Race”!

    while Zio-Global‘ists love Zio-international‘ists = (((Jewish Central Banking))).

    These (((Central banker crime families))) puppet all governments to war with their own folk and other nations using the “Democracy trick” to displace and demographically replace global populations having plundered there land, assets and inserted another (((Jewish central bank))).

    • cheriewhite says:

      I agree with you there, Peter. Language has been bastardized to cower the masses into submission. And yes, there are some evil Jews- but not all Jews are bad. Any form of racism is bad.

      Yes, language has been perverted but the word “racism” is the only way to say it that people can understand.

      • PeterQuiggins says:

        The nice (((unconscionable))) hidden in plain sight..”Nice” …….

        By deception we wage war “Mossad” .. “KIDDUSH HA-ḤAYYIM” =

        “If two are travelling on a journey and one has a pitcher of water – if both drink they will die, but if only one drinks, he can reach civilisation.

        The Son of Patura taught: It is better that both should drink and die rather than that one should behold his companion’s death……….

        Until ….. R. Akiba came and taught:

        That thy brother may live with thee (Leviticus 25:36) – thy life takes precedence over his life (B. Bava Mezia 62a)”

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